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Best Automation Quotes


the bad joke was on me :anguished:


Rephrasing a bit, but…

So 3 automationeers walk into a bar, and start arguing who’s company is the best at making engines.
Strop says “if my engine is pushing power of 4 digits, and the first one is a “2” on a street car, then I’ve done a good job for Gryphon Gear”.
Koolkei says “if my engine allows my car to do 200mpg, then I’ve done a good job for Komodo”
Starfish94 says “if the car is recalled and the reason is not the engine itself…”


lol wut. but my cars dont have THAT great of an economy though :joy:


When real life catches up with the Automation discord… :frowning:


Automation D is a serious challenge.


On the subject of bowel movements:


here’s a stool chart for you:



click to expand.
It’s worth it.


Oh god no, it wasn’t :weary: :joy:


cock you say


Er, hate to break it to you, but that’s a male Pheasant and not a Cockerel


oh Cock… i mean

oh Pheasant


@EnryGT5 and I are soulmates


:us: Freedom :tm: :us:

#####automationD is what I won by the way.


You won AutoD or you won [color=blue]F[/color]R[color=red]E[/color]E[color=red]D[/color]O[color=red]M[/color] for AutoD?


Except also with a whole lot of :tada: :boom: :fireworks: :sparkler: :confetti_ball: :smiley:

let’s just hope that unlike last year, nobody got drunk and tried to use their head as a rocket launchpad. Oh, who am I kidding :joy:


No context.



“It looks like it had an aneurysm, So yes”


how to tell when you’re about to be in a wild ride