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Best Automation Quotes



(not to toot my own horn but this lack of context is great)



OwO what’s this? An actual Automation related quote?





My first contribution to this thread.
Some gold I found in the modding/devwork section of the Discord.


Yeah sonic nissan is…something


Yeah considering that looks like a riced up FD RX7 I’d say sonic nissan isn’t quite on the mark…

Although I’m going to be embarrassed if that turns out to be a 240SX or something

Man the pic is so grainy don’t judge me rofl





This was a month ago, but I forgot to post it.


This demonstrates why torque wins races.

An ultra-short first gear will multiply torque to the wheels a lot, and will make the wheels spin like mad. Wheels spin more = car moves more. More torque = more oomph.

Quod erat demonstrandum.


Why then, do many cars have traction control and/or launch control?
Because the most grip is when the tires go about 30% faster than the tarmac.
Spin faster than that, you lose grip.

If your “equation” was correct, then no one would be able to do a burnout.
To much torque means, change tyres more often. (might not be a bad thing):smiling_imp::grin:

To bad I have never owned a car with high torque. :disappointed:







and i just realize that the last 2 posts on this thread are from myself what the hell i’m doing here lol


No mercy



Context: we just found out that Gaben himself plays Automation.


I just walked into some really WTF no context posts the instant I logged on tonight. Take this gem for instance:


It gets even weirder if you introduce a specific amount of context.



Todays educational message brought to you by @LS-Vehicles