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Best Automation Quotes


I have :smiley:

Everyone who I talked to found it funny and changing it would mean deleting and remaking the account. So that’s it. Add me if you want to :stuck_out_tongue:


the thought that

  1. he even thought of that name in the first place
  2. he used that name just to test

are both stupidly hilarious. i say KEEP IT!

edit: lol this is the very last place on my mind that i would get sniped on. especially by the OP himself


Leo has a [smartass]history[/smartass] with usernames :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed. I’ve never been creative enough to pull off good ones, hence my username here. I guess I’ll start using that alias from now on :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, koolkei, the list of names I tried was long. It included kissmebass and upsidedowncarrot. Both were fucking taken, human creativity goes a long way.


man, I was already mad enough that ‘strop’ is often taken (often by gay men who have a spanking fetish, no less). But if ‘stroppy mchorseguy’ ever gets claimed first I will seriously table flip then I will track down the motherfucker who stole my name and exact sweet justice


Long and more complex names do have the advantage of not being taken often.

Don’t think I ever had to get creative by changing anything to “trackpaduser” Unless I was trying to register on a website I was already registered to like a tool


Scarilly darkshine5 is quite popular for some reason but what gets me is when darkshines is nor available but my first name is?


Wasn’t Darkshines the name of a track from Muse’s second album Origin of Symmetry? Might have something to do with it.


Once in a while we get people on IRC asking if they can get the game for free.

But today was the first time I saw one of those guys immediately log back on (under a slightly different name) and then ask to become a beta tester.

Oct 02 20:51:35 * hunter8804 (@AN-58687C84.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com) has joined
Oct 02 20:52:18 hunter8804 : is there any way i can get the game for free
Oct 02 20:52:37 DoctorNarfy :
Yes, It’s called a demo.
Oct 02 20:53:29 * hunter8804 has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Oct 02 20:55:34 TrackpadUser : topkek
Oct 02 20:56:23 TrackpadUser : Blake, Most people haven’t done the campaign enough to know what is super good and what is not
Oct 02 20:56:35 TrackpadUser : And difficulty makes a huge difference as well
Oct 02 20:58:00 * huntsman (
@AN-58687C84.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com) has joined
Oct 02 20:58:24 huntsman : are you guys looking for beta tester
Oct 02 20:58:29 TrackpadUser : dude
Oct 02 20:59:16 huntsman : dude what
Oct 02 20:59:17 TrackpadUser : The official IRC channel is the wrong place to ask for pirated versions. And to become a beta tester you need to show you would be a good one
Oct 02 20:59:38 TrackpadUser : And I know you are the guy who logged on like 10 minutes ago asking for a way to get the game for free
Oct 02 20:59:54 TrackpadUser : Try the demo
Oct 02 21:00:07 TrackpadUser : If you want to play for free[/quote]

He pinged out not long after.


[code] xD
stop the xd
why must you do this

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hehe ecks dee


* CadillacDave has quit (Quit: Page closed) 23* CadillacDave (_@AN-14259931.range86-155.btcentralplus.com23) has joined 23* CadillacDave_ (_@AN-14259931.range86-155.btcentralplus.com23) has joined 20<DoctorNarfy>30 Howdy 20<DoctorNarfy>30 What about it 18<CadillacDave_18> Agh this awkward on phone 18<Lordred18> Is it the phone? or the user? 24* CadillacDave has quit (Ping timeout) 18* Lordred plays spooky music 18<Microwave18> ze plot thickens


Oh my :joy:


[22:58] <@Microwave> I’m actually tempted to buy another stick of 8GB DDR4-2666
[22:58] <@Microwave> but that’s £30
[22:58] <@Microwave> and can I justify tha
t[22:58] <@Microwave> for e-peen’s sake
[22:59] <@Pyrlix> To me it shows - the APU really needs the switch to AM4 and DDR4 memory
[22:59] <@koolkei> fuck my country because the taxes
[22:59] <@Pyrlix> ZENPAI WHERE ARE YOU
[22:59] <@koolkei> your 2 sticks = my 1 sticks
[22:59] <@koolkei> ZENPAI NOTICE ME!!
[22:59] <@Microwave> I seriously hop
[22:59] <@Microwave> e
[23:00] <@Microwave> AMD’s new CPUs are good
[23:00] <@Microwave> i want hella cores
[23:00] <@Pyrlix> zenpai
[23:00] <@Microwave> and hella hyperthreading
[23:00] <@koolkei> please. daisuki zenpai
[23:00] <@Pyrlix> i want AMD Vega

then everyone acted like that never happened


This is why we need context.

14:31] == titleguy1 [_@AN-923141A9.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #automationgame
[14:31] @titleguy1 Hey.
[14:31] @Leonardo9613 like you are an idiot
[14:31] @Microwave People like to love their cars
[14:31] @Leonardo9613 hey evan
[14:31] @Leonardo9613 yes, they do
[14:31] @Microwave And if you love something, and you would like it to be a heterosexual relationship
[14:31] @Microwave you would call it a she
[14:31] @Leonardo9613 seen several videos of people buttfucking their exhausts
[14:31] @titleguy1 What.
[14:31] @titleguy1 What.
[14:31] @titleguy1 What.
[14:31] @Leonardo9613 exactlly




Wow me wanting to name my Alfa really kicked the irc off :joy:


Wait, how do you know it’s buttfucking the exhaust? :joy:


well it is a tailpipe…


sooooo tailfucking then?