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Best Automation Quotes


Out of context pic


@thatbirdguy gives car advice and describes the saab life


oh hey me again.
On the topic of the rusty cars that are circling right now, Aruna - “I hope that car isnt made of fibreglass”


Some deep insight from the devs on modding the game.


This is strange? yes
He is wrong? No


Rip to all the other mod bodies, but this one is different


Headlights in jail :flushed::flushed::flushed::bangbang:

What laws did they break? :police_car::cry::tired_face::bangbang:


this post reads like a clickbait article


reggaeton description by @Quotex


The thing is that he’s absolutely 100% correct. We listen to a LOT of Spanish music for the lyrics in class and being a band geek and music kid myself, I can confirm, all of it is boom-da bom da.

Still kinda slaps tho


i forgot to post that here when it was born




no context.image


Found it funny.




if somebody’s saying that they’re clearly begging for it to be taken out of context.

And when I see that, I provide.

I hope you reflect upon what you’ve done.


Ah, robot chicken is hilarious.



There is no way i am giving you any context


discord being wonky and trolling people.