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Best Automation Quotes


The amount of jokes about holes in our discord server is shocking.
Edit: well now that I think about it, not shocking at all



only if 3 different users quote you though, otherwise it’s just multiposting :sunglasses:



I think this is required viewing for @MrChips


official automation yoga class when


Yuri…tarded. sorry


I shit y’all not my brain imploded from Kubby’s three puns in a row


Four puns.




at least 1 person didn’t get the memo:


I can’t…


mentioning bshar on these forums be like:


Is this some Automation drama from the ooold days? I’ve seen a few of those videos in recommended and, quite frankly, they’re shit, but he’s never mentioned the forums and the forums have never mentioned him.


Yes and we’d like to keep it that way. Because of reasons you’ve already mentioned: his content sucks and he somehow still monetises it because some people apparently deserve to be broke and destitute.


you’d be millionaire just because we would buy your story a bajillion times


ok sure I’ll throw it in as a bonus prize to go with my car in the next “Car Collectors Auction”


This thread should be 90% strop after tonight. I’m just going to leave this:


oh come on just coz you too chickenshit to quote the really cringe part you’re gonna make me do it to myself.



sorry I had to do it to em