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Best Automation Quotes


I would say all bans of that sort are conditional on the conduct of the person thereafter not actually a comment on your conduct, I haven’t noticed anything which is likely a better than not thing.

It’s like a lowkey version of going to jail for some massive felony and then getting out on parole and you land in a half-way house and you know pretty much all of society is judging you hard. wyd?


Okay Xeno…



Man, thats not How this works, you know?


Press uwu to pay respects


Problem is, this is for random quotes on the forums and the Discord channel, not random slogans. You could just post it in your own thread.


Even if this isn’t the way to use this thread I’m not sure it’s wise to say that your products are deathtraps, poor marketing strategy imo


Bruh this thread isn’t for quotes from brands or users of this forum.

You can literally scroll up and see that nearly all of them are funny quotes from the Automation discord apart from one or two being funny stuff from the forum itself. What you posted isn’t a funny quote or something it’s just your brand advertisement.

Either delete the posts you posted here or refrain from replying any further at least, before you derail this thread.


Sorry for the double post but I have to post this


Probably many more to come from this whole exchange…


Next Construcc will be incredulous that we ain’t all shittin in dunnies out back.



Aw, threads been a bit dry recently.





has @Quotex visited mik’s CSR119 meth lab? :flushed:



big mood here

also an attempt to get this thread alive, I guess.


Hey so uh.




Castrated for CSR :pensive:


Ah, April Fools day, the day for Kwalitee Content: