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Best Automation Quotes



Ah yes this


The leak that sparked outrage




Time to take this way out of context…




shhh they’re speaking the language of the gods


Out of context? More like missing context.


The context is…it’s deeply unfunny and not in keeping with that this thread was about.


If you really want me to try and explain it,

In the UK (I don’t know about anywhere else) “I would” means that you’d have sex with it. This is a response to something I posted.


But not everyone in this forum is from the UK tho. So many people didn’t get the joke.


First Ive heard of it. Maybe its something more used in the North.


I started in Times New Roman.


Comic Sans is the best country change my mind


when your laptop can’t run automation E :pensive:


Fuck you I broke my window cuz I was laughing too loud bruh


this is why (nearly) nobody makes a mid-engined 4-door car irl


I wanna ask how can one shoots out a buttplug but I guess that question is irrelevant.:peach:


“There’s always a bigger fish buttplug”


let me just take this out of context.

context please don't ban me thx