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Best Automation Quotes


mmmm black tea and Cognac best way to wake up



It sounded less dirty in my head :joy:


with the UE updates. we had LOTS of color name ideas

a bit of break… but then we continued


What about Period Red? :smiley: @koolkei


meh. soviet red is better :stuck_out_tongue:


Honda’ one is the best. In NSX’s configurator you can select Kurva Red :wink:


Kee Red should definitely be the default, cuz Easter eggs are fun!


Which red though :stuck_out_tongue:

They changed the default red at some point 2ish years ago when they changed the color selector, which is why there are two different reds used in the car’s thumbnails.


Should probably stick with the original for the true classic feel. It’s easier on the eyes as well :stuck_out_tongue:


This gem this morning.



Sometimes unit conversions come up…


Well, we all know about that space probe crashing because due to a switch in units between programs, the orbiting altitude was set to about a third of what it should have been… They should have used spot instead of feet :joy:



For those of you who don’t get it.


Freaking Daleks.


The Unit Debate Continues.


Automation’s discord? Want invitation on PM, now!




Invite me too