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Best Automation Quotes


Some general ignorance here


Yeah, my bad. :joy: It’s obvious I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.


No Context here.

You’re a genius @CadillacDave


I call this “Four Minutes Later”


:clap: why :clap: context :clap: is :clap: important :clap:



@EnryGT5 on fire today


As I was scrolling through what I missed​ I saw this and couldn’t stop laughing. Is it only me or is this a meme in progress?

Good job @CadillacDave


“I put a cat in my ass”


Can someone send me a link to join the Automation Discord?

I once tried the old one that was on the forums but it didn’t work anymore.

Edit: thanks



Guess nobody here got the “Bad Dragon” reference from the Regular Car review of the Miata :joy:

Or did they ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Only use parts of the conversation that make it funny.


pffft DA’s user policy is such that even their belly is prevented from getting too feral :stuck_out_tongue: Naked bodies and softcore-in-the-name-of-art shit abound but introduce even a whiff of active intent and somebody will be along with that banhammer faster than you can say “Sonic shipped with Tails” :joy:

I’m not a Sonic fan, let alone Sonic shipped with ANYTHING fan, just putting it out there.


Not sure whether it was @ramthecowy’s font-changed quotes or @EnryGT5’s ‘Leave Britney Alone’ remake that made me laugh harder.



Not going to give the context :laughing: sorry @thecarlover


@EnryGT5 Sorry but it needed to happen


You only burn more fuel because of the higher RPM’s. - CNCharger
EDIT : I sincerely apologize, yet I remain unrepentant.