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Best company/model/trim/engine naming/labelling system (ideas)


Hey! Thanks for posting! I like seeing what you and others do to name their cars and engines.

So for naming cars and their trim I still don’t have a “system”, but I do try to stick to naming the car one or two letters of their type of body style + a number. For example:
(we have an suv): U50
(we have a coupe): C10

But what I do have is a system for is naming engines. What I usually do here is (examples below) I choose the letter of the alphabet that is in the position that corresponds to the number of cylinders, then, I add the displacement in liters. If each cylinder has more that 2 valves I put that in the name, if it’s turbocharged then I ad a “T” to the end. And if it is a “V” engine, I add either a “v” (for V60º) or a “V” (for V90º) at the beginning.
(inline 4, 1200cc, naturally aspirated, 2 valve OHC): D1.8
(same as before but turbocharged): D1.8T
(same as before but also with 4 valve OHC): D1.8v4T
(V8 (60º), 4300cc, turbocharged, 5 valve DOHC) vH4.3V5T