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Better track performance on bad surface than good surface


I have noticed that cars with high drivability achieve a better lap time on a track with a bad surface than on an identical track with a good surface. This car for me achieved 22.91 on the good surface and 22.37 on the bad surface around the figure eight track I made. (use split 2 for any comparisons.) Forgive the lack of custom image as I was lazy and only wanted a functional track. Car and both custom tracks used are provided. I should note that a lower drivability car takes a penalty on the bad surface as should be expected.
track.lua (1.3 KB)

track.lua (1.3 KB)
Commuter - 150.car (13.9 KB)


It could be that actually bumpiness is working the wrong way around compared to the comment in the example file. Would the results make sense then?


Hot take: bumpiness increases slip angle in to corners and lessens understeer?


Double checked it. The original results are accurate. The boat has a 28.4 drivability score, but still does better on a bad surface. 24.26 on good and 23.45 on bad. The super undrivable mess (15.2 drivability) finally does better on the good surface. 17.45 on good and 18.28 on bad. Not sure what to make of it or if drivability is even a factor as I thought I have had cars more drivable than the boat behave as expected.
Boat - Stock.car (14.7 KB)
Super - Undrivable mess.car (13.4 KB)