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Bf94387 Design showcase [2015 Alfrazza Madiava]


1996 Xerma Xajar

Pronounced: Za-zsh-ar

Xerma Xajar GTT finished in Zinnoberrot
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For CSC13 I created Xerma, a high-end German sports car manufacturer with a strong heritage - and I thought why not make some vehicles to back up the acclaimed heritage. This is the Xerma Xajar, a V10 powered beast of a grand-touring supercar. Conceptually, its similar to the praised Dodge Viper - but with prevalent German DNA, constituting performance, luxury and of course: unrivaled German quality.

Take the Xajar for a spin!
Xerma Xajar - GTT.car (59.1 KB)


Oh my god, there are really beautiful! o.o


As the flagship of the range the Xajar would have been an ideal choice to represent Xerma - fast, stylish, luxurious and highly exclusive. Yes, it weighed nearly two tons, but with 500 horsepower on tap, it would have easily traded blows with a Diablo SV or 550 Maranello, both of which would have been formidable adversaries back then.


1994 Sokudo GT

Ancestor: 1969 Sokudo GT-3000

Sokudo GT-3000 finished in Alpine White

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The GT-3000 is the next evolution of Sokudo’s exclusive grand tourer - and it’s never been faster. The iconic shape of the Gt-3000 has been re-imagined for aerodynamic superiority, and resigned to be a defining icon of the mid 90s. Performance wise, the GT-3000 is powered by Sokudo’s 3K-T power-plant: a turbocharged 3000cc 30 valve 6 cylinder that produces 350hp, Blasting you and up to 3 passengers to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds; and up to ludicrous speeds of 260km/h - All whilst maintaining upmost luxury.

Take the GT-3000 for a blast!
Sokudo GT- - 3000 3K-T.car (64.4 KB)


As with the Xerma Xajar, the Sokudo GT-3000 would have been one of the best grand tourers of the mid-90s, with ample power, sure-footed handling, loads of tech, and a sumptuous interior.


i have one sokudo of 1969, i love it, and love performance and naturally the good fine style. Its a natural competitor for my Maiella series, especially my “SuperAmerica” trim.
Only problem with Sakudo is who love alot gasoline, but here isn’t a problem…anyway Good Job BF94387!


Great to hear you’re enjoying your Sokudo experience!


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The base Renoir Grand Prix belongs to @CMT - this is a collaborative model, facelifted by myself.

BF9’s redition of the 1980 Renoir Grand Prix 27TX

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Download: Renoir Grand Prix - 27TX-BF9.car (68.3 KB)


Yes, this is a special tuning version introduced with the 1980 Grand Prix facelift. BF9 managed to turn a good design into a great one, adding many refined details while keeping the car’s general design and character, and the excessive use of plastic instead of chrome actually introduced the 80s.

While the Renoir Grand Prix had 154 horsepower, the BF9 Grand Prix was equipped with a race tuned engine with 173. As Renoir has never been really present in Gasmea, the BF company sold it there exclusively, while a BF9 could be ordered at selected Renoir dealers in Frunia and Hetvesia.

The Grand Prix Phase II was built until late 1986.


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The base Zephorous Allez belongs to @Sky-High - this is a collaborative model, facelifted by myself.

Zephorous Allez by BF9

More Pics

70s-80s cars (especially sports/super but other stuff as well) are my calling - please send me more to work on!

Take it for a rip: Zephorus - Allez - BF9.car (69.8 KB)


Alfrezza Madiava GTZ by BF9

More Pics

Definitely one of my favorite cars I’ve pulled off - the new roadster interior mod is awesome!

Have fun!: Alfrezza Madiava - GTZ.car (72.2 KB)


Aura Vindur SE by BF9

More Pics

Built for the first edition of Quotex’s design challenge (back to basics) - a futuristic Icelandic design by BF9

BF9 design catalog


'86 Xerma Plasma BF9-511


511 turbocharged horses in the rear, and spaceship inspired looks by BF9 - This is the 80s at its peak

BF9 design catalog


86 Xerma Radon BF9-222-Speedster

The 511’s front engined brother - Same motor, Same spaceship inspired looks - but a totally different experience

The twins:


:radioactive: radioactive :radioactive:


BF9-AMB Polaris Roadster concept.

project for csc22 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


'82 Alfrezza Mattio GT by BF9

Sure, 150hp isn’t a whole lot… but who cares when you have ze italian passion, am I right bambini?


A year of progress

'09 Satsumi Kaze RS-Turbo

cursed imagery

yup I had it on leaf springs :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Almost been 12 months of being an automationeer™, so I thought I’d have a go at jumping on the my-first-design bandwagon and have a go at a refresh. Was a bit of a cringe-fest re-visiting a dark past, but hey it was cool to really see how far i’ve come.

Here’s to countless more hours of waiting in loading screens playing this awesome game, and being part of a pretty cool community!


2020 Xerma Jacinth

Built for CSR116, the Jacinth is an ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre supercar, with a focus on a true dynamic driving experience



One last time…

Harking back to Alfrezza’s cult classic of the 70s and 80s, the '15 Madiava features a high revving NA italian V6 and a six speed manual transmission - Making it final iteration of the legendary Italian sportscar as we know it…

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