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Bf94387 Design showcase [Alfrezza Mattio GT]


Aura Vindur SE by BF9

More Pics

Built for the first edition of Quotex’s design challenge (back to basics) - a futuristic Icelandic design by BF9

BF9 design catalog


'86 Xerma Plasma BF9-511


511 turbocharged horses in the rear, and spaceship inspired looks by BF9 - This is the 80s at its peak

BF9 design catalog


86 Xerma Radon BF9-222-Speedster

The 511’s front engined brother - Same motor, Same spaceship inspired looks - but a totally different experience

The twins:


:radioactive: radioactive :radioactive:


BF9-AMB Polaris Roadster concept.

project for csc22 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


'82 Alfrezza Mattio GT by BF9

Sure, 150hp isn’t a whole lot… but who cares when you have ze italian passion, am I right bambini?