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Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 1[Finished]


Fair enough, already entered a car anyways :sunglasses:


Is it ok if I don’t enter a car in stage 1 and wait for stage 2? Will I still be able to tune a car for stage 3?


Sure, it is ok. As for the stage 3, I had in mind the idea of an “market” where you can “buy” one car of the stage 1 and use it for tunning, but still I have to talk with the car makers to see if they’re ok with that :slight_smile:


I think something like the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index calculator might be better for converting prices - that indexes to goods like food, houses, and cars, as opposed to gold (which most people rarely buy or sell). Apologies if someone already suggested this change.


Okay I changed my mind, here’s my submission, along with a little bit of my personal headcanon to go with it :smiley:

Back before Adenine made sensible econoboxes for the mass market, there were some truly crazy cars that rolled off the Adenine assembly line. The pinnacle was the 1969 Adenine Vindicator Sport, a 4-door muscle car with seriously impressive performance. Powered by a 6.1L V8 engine producing 391hp, the Vindicator was one of the fastest cars of the era, with a 0-60 time of just 4.3 seconds. It also featured a premium interior, a phonograph player, and advanced safety for its time. The most impressive part was a highly reasonable price of just $16600 in today’s dollars.

The Vindicator made quite a name for itself in its early years of production, however when the oil crisis hit in 1973 it became difficult to justify the car’s 11.5mpg fuel economy. With the success of the Adenine Valence family sedan in 1975, Adenine decided to shift its focus, and the glory days of the Vindicator came to an abrupt end.


##Tire smoke.

###This is what you get when you need all four in one package.
Do you want a car to show the world you’re a man?
Do you want a car to impress your friends with speed?
Do you need to fit more than just yourself in your car?
Do you like Tire Smoke and Smokey Burnouts?

If you answered “yes” to any of the four questions, we have the car for you!

#The 1969 Barracuda FSX
Because “boring” and “dull” are not in our vocabulary, we at American Eagle Automotive have imported the Barracuda to the Fruinian Market. And it’s not the standard Barracuda from Gasmea either.

This is the new, lighter Barracuda.
Complete with a Foot-Stomping, Heart-Pounding, All-American Small Block V8!

With 0 to 60mph coming in less than 6 seconds, and a 14 second quarter mile at over 105 mph, you are sure to impress your friends, neighbors, and anyone else you come across!

Let your enemies eat dust as they watch you pull away,
With 355 ft-lbs of torque at 2,900 rpm and 290 HP at 5,000 rpm from our dependable 333ci Windsor V8

##American Eagle Automotive
###A Leader in American Muscle Cars

NFS Carbon Automation World (DISCUSSION)
AEA / RPG [1948-1952 Delux Generation 1 release for UE4]

A.N.Z official entry

When other Aussie car manufacturers were using imported cars and engines A.N.Z provide you with a real muscle car 6L hemis 399hp pop up head lamps removable roof panels and did we say that it has an Aussie made 6L Hemis v8


I like the jab at the wording of my ad. But I think (my opinion) your car looks… interesting at the very least.


The numbers seems quite off, for example, according to this article: http://www.motortrend.com/news/1967-pontiac-gto-drive/ a 1967 Pontiac GTO was $3764.19 when new, which give us an idea on how much a muscle car should cost, a rough estimated of $3,500-3,900, give or take.

Now, the cars submitted so far costs in average around 15,000 automation money units (or automaleons as I call’em). Using the calculator you propose, it gives a price of $2,235.77 for 1969 considering the automation moneys as 2010 money, and $2,047.28 as 2016 money. Which is way off. (why 2010? because I read in the forum that the automation money units are from 2010).

Now, with the Gold method, with 15,000 automation money units we will get a price of $3,546.08, which is closer to a real price in that year. I got the idea from another thread where killrob discussed the difference between money and currency, and he proposed the gold method actually.


I have two questions

Lol I wasn’t having a jab at your ad rather at holden and ford (are you an Aussie/Kiwi manufacturer). Design was inspired by shelby cobra’s of the time unfortunately the hump in the roof was needed so that people over 6ft in height had head room when wearing a helmet


ok. I did think that might the reason for the odd hump in the roof.
AEA is an “American” manufacturer, but almost all the cars I make are for Gasmean market (because it’s the default). In company lore, this is the first car for the Fruinian market, thus the wording on the ad.


I must remind myself to enter this. Armada Motors is a Fruinian region based company obsessed with muscle from the 60s-70s, before having to settle into the smaller track, fun and light sport markets later on.


Valour 520, Luxury for the people

Ornate’s background in premium sedans did mean they weren’t use to making sports cars of any sort and with their European background, they weren’t used to the concept of a muscle car either. When designing the car, Ornate had two things to go off, the dictionary definition of muscle car “an two-door sports car with a powerful engine” and the design of a dragster.

The 520 is a rework of their premium sedan, Valour. The rework was done by removing the two doors and the rear seats and by using the extra space gained to fit a bigger engine, a 8.1 liter V8 that produced 520 hp which is where it’s name comes from.

By making the car light and powerful as possible, the 520 has it all, an impressive acceleration of reaching 0-100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, a quarter mile time of 11.70 seconds and the top speed of 278 km/h, being equipped with the latest in suspension technology means that the 520 can do more than going fast in straight lines, it could also turn, making it good for trackdays on any track but to make sure you don’t turn into ground beef in case of an accident Ornate’s patented safety features can be found in the 520 as well as a state of the art in-car entertainment system that comprises of a high quality AM/FM radio and a record player.

All this for only $3415 ($15,840 in 2010 dollars), why would you miss this deal?


So we, First Order Automotive, were taking part in the filming of a new spy film, The Spy that Fingered Goldmember and Lived Twice, when we thought we’d send our little rear wheeled “muscle” car over for this little contest.

The Walther PPK is fitted with a 4L, normally aspirated V8, producing 253hp at 5700rpm through to the back wheels. The engine, codenamed Agent 00&, is fitted with a 4barrel twin carburettor system. Even though it has a muffler it still gives a satisfying burble along as it speeds up to 152mph. 0-62mph is a modest 6.2 seconds.

Whilst the Fruinian population may yearn for the brutish appearance of a conventional muscle car, we believe whole heartedly that there will be gentlemen of a quintissential nature who like to “hoon” it up a little.

We wouldn’t recommend using this car for pink-slip racing but it’s awfully good fun and awfully nice to look at.

A recent artical in Which Top Fifth Amazon Prime Gear magazine gave us a stonking 171 in the muscle category (174 in Super and 181 in Hyper categories!!)

Anyway, enough with the borish waffle. Look at the pretty pictures whilst I order a Vodka Martini.


waiting for that someone that uses a 10.8L v8 to come out anytime now.

also, how ‘competitive’ is your car guys? i got a good bit above 200 on muscle premium


I entered a modest muscle car based on existing stuff I had, but for the price, I think my 170+ in Muscle will do decent.


I am proud to presesnt the FSD Rambler.

It is a mix muscle and hyper car. It uses the newest techonlogies available, such as mechanical injection. The top speed is very good for this time (about 300 km/h). It also has a pretty good handling thanks to duoble wishbones. It doesn’t consume as much fuel as you might think; 25 l/100 km are enough for this car.


We all knew someone was gonna put in something with a massive V12, great work. What is the acceleration like? I want my compact muscle car to win in some categories at least


It’s 6,5 seconds to 100 km/h, mostly due to massive wheelspin. But later on it does accelerate much better :wink:


Good lord the rear wheels are wider than the body. The largest i could get on that body is 255s, looks like you got wider some how. And realistically no way would an 8.1 fit in that car XD