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Blaire Automotive Co - 1966 Blaire Coastal Cruiser Mk.1


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Okay. Your Lawnminator is in the back! Enjoy!


1984-1989 Blaire Albatross Gen1 (Outdated Car)

Blaire wanted an affordable hot hatch. Then they Shat out this shitbox. The 1984 Blaire Albatross. Which comes with a 1.8L I4 making 82hp and 0-60 in 12s. It has an MPG of 25 miles per gallon.

The Albatross was fairly popular especially with it’s highest trim but were gonna talk 'bout those in a little. It came with a very basic interior with a basic 8-track and gm levels of plastic. It only came in manual until 1987 when Automatic came as optional.


The Albatross comes in 3 trims MX, MXX, & MXS (MXST was added in 1990)

MX: The MX is the baseline trim (shown in photos)
: 1.8L I4
: 82hp
0-60: 12s
MPG: 25 Miles Per Gallon
MSRP: $3,450.00 ($8,000.00 in inflation)

MXX: The MXX trim is second base trim
: 2.0L I4
: 115hp
0-60: 10s
MPG: 23 Miles Per Gallon
MSRP: $5,500.00 ($13,000.00 in inflation)

MXS: The MXS trim is the highest & sports trim
: 1.7L V6
: 130hp
0-60: 8s
MPG: 18 Miles Per Gallon
MSRP: $8,500.00 ($20,700.00 in inflation)

Blaire Automotive “Think Safer”


“Wake me up, before you go go.” in the 1985 Blaire Rodman MXST! Coming April 26th!


1985-1988 Blaire Rodman (Gen 1) (Outdated Car)

The Blaire Rodman is a tip on how you shouldn’t make an 80’s icon. With this massive flop being one of the most hated cars of the '80s. Barbara went in wanting to make the best 80’s car she could but came out with an ultimate shit stain.

The Rodman came in 3 separate trims.

MX: Being the baseline trim.
: 1.7L I3
: 88hp
0-60: 13.2s
MPG: 31
MSRP: $4,500.00 ($10,600.00 in inflation)

MXX: Being the Mid Trim
: 1.5L I4
: 105hp
0-60: 12.1s
MPG: 24
MSRP: $5,900.00 ($14,000.00 in inflation)

MXST: Being the highest trim
: 1.8L Turbocharged I4
: 130hp
0-60: 10.4s
MPG: 22
MSRP: $7,100.00 ($16,800.00 in inflation)

Blaire Automotive “Think Safer”


1985-1994 Blaire J120 Panel Van (Gen1) (Outdated Car)

Quoted for being one of the best Blaire’s of the 1980s. This beast of a Van was designed by Benjamin Alamillo, with some help from Barbara. The J120 comes with 2 Trims + 1 Special Edition.

Barbara had a vision for this van. She wanted to be simplistic in design and have an incredible performance for a van. In 1985 Ads for the J120 was advertised as being quote “Good for loading, not for towing.”. With the standard 5.1L V8 pushing out 108hp. A towing package was later offered in 1990 knocking down the loading capacity by a thousand, but increasing the towing capacity by 2,340.


MX: Is the baseline trim
: VernaTech 5.2L V8
: 108hp
0-60: 8 seconds - 10 seconds/w Towing Package
Towing Capacity: 310LBS - 2,340LBS/w Towing Package
Load Capacity: 5,430 - 4,613/w Towing Package
MSRP: $8,000.00 ($18,900.00 in Inflation)

MXP: Minivan Trim 1986-1999
: VernaTech 4.7L V8
: 100hp
0-60: 10 seconds - 12 seconds/w Towing Package
Towing Capacity: 310LBS - 1,375LBS/w Towing Package
Load Capacity: 4,112LBS - 2,291LBS/w Towing Package
MSRP: $7,400.00 ($17,500.00 in Inflation)

Adventure Mode: Special Edition Model.
: NitroMech 3.1L V10
: 130hp
0-60: 6 seconds
Towing Capacity: 3,560LBS
Load Capacity: 7,230LBS
MSRP: $17,200.00 ($40,800.00 in Inflation)

Blaire Automotive “Safer Is Better”


Some big changes are coming soon. . .


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Technical Difficulties

Ummm. My computer is acting up in a worrisome way. So I cannot upload the new cars. And also I forgot to post them in the first place. If my computer is okay and is able to work I will get back hopefully and not forget.



Gotta wipe the computer, and we can’t afford it right now. Might be a while.


I guess your really desperate to get your stuff back?
I wonder why it is acting up, it may be a malicious program, or maybe your computer has had one of its parts damaged and/or broken


I mean I was angry and kinda slammed it shut, but not hard enough to destroy it. Anyways it’s fine all we gotta do is wipe it and it’ll be fine. Theoretically.


And, anyways I want to get a car out for Frankfurt. I missed like 4-5 autoshows and I have some inspirations for vehicles that I want to make and share at Frankfurt. Oh, and spoilers: founding date moved to 1956, No more lore. Only Taimania has lore, and some new vehicle selections.


Merry Christmas Automation!

And a Happy New Year to you all. We at Blaire & Taimania have A LOT planned for you over the course of 2020! See you in a new decade!


1985 Blaire Rocky (Gen1)

A brain fart from Blaire.

The Rocky came in three trim levels. . .

MX - The base trim
3.5L I6
120lbs ft
0-60: 14.6 seconds
Comes With: Basic cloth interior w/ optional basic cassette/8 track radio
4-speed Manual Transmission
Spare Wheel
Power Windows
Manual Locks
3/1 Piston Solid Disk Brakes
Air Conditioning
Manual Seats
& Diff Locks.
Price: $11,100.00 (26,533.00 in inflation)

MXX - Mid-trim (shown in photos)
3.4L V8
133lbs ft
0-60: 10.6 seconds
Comes With: Standard cloth o/ leather interior with standard casette/8 track radio
5-speed Manual Transmission
Spare Wheel
Power Windows & Locks
3/2 Piston Solid Disk Brakes
Standard Air Conditioning
Roof Rails
Diff Locks
& H/L Change.
Price: $13,340.00 (31,888.00 in inflation)

MXA - Adventure Trim & Highest Trim (circa. 1985)
5.1L V8
233lbs ft
0-60 7.4 seconds
Comes With: Premium leather interior & cassette radio
5-speed Manual Transmission
Blaire’s Offroad Package
Power Locks, Windows, & Seats
Spare Wheel
Premium Air Conditioning
Mini Fridge
Roof Rails
& Aid Kit
Price: $24,340.00 (58,182.00 in inflation)

Promo Photos

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️


Why is the inline 6 bigger than the V8?


Because the Inline 6 needs to pull the big SUV, so it’s a bit bigger than the roaring V8.

Taimania Motor CO - 2021 Taimania Delstor Mk. 5

1956-1964 Blaire Lafette Mk. I

The beginning of a company and a lineup of the big ol’ barge.

The 56’ Lafette comes in 2 trims. . .

  • MX - Base Trim
    3.9L I6 HudsonRiver Engine
    178hp | 257lb-ft
    0-60: 13-14 seconds

  • Comes With:
    Premium Wool Seats w/ Premium Stereo
    3-speed Manual Transmission
    Air Conditioning
    Spare Wheel w/ Plastic Cover
    Manual Locks & Seats
    Electric Windows
    2,340lb Loading Capacity
    Aid Kit

Price: $3,800.00 ($35,900.00 in inflation)

  • MXL - Luxury & Highest Trim
    5.2L V8 HudsonRiver Engine
    230hp - 330lb-ft
    0-60: 12.5 seconds

  • Comes with:
    Luxury Leather o/ Wool interior w/ Luxury Stereo
    4-speed Manual Transmission
    Manual Seats
    Air Conditioning
    Electric Windows & Locks
    Spare Wheel w/ optional Chrome or Metal Body Color Cover
    Aid Kit

Promo Photo:

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️


1956-1964 Blaire Rodman Mk. I

Blaire hasn’t discovered poor people yet.

The 56’ Rodman comes in 2 trims. . .

  • MX - Base Trim
    3.4L I6 HudsonRiver Engine
    104hp | 110lb-ft
    0-60: 11-12 seconds

  • Come With:
    Premium Wool/Leather Seats w/ Premium AM Radio/Stereo
    2-speed Auto/3-speed Manual
    Air Conditioning
    Manual Locks & Seats
    Electric Windows
    540lb Loading Capacity
    Aid Kit

Price: $3,900.00 (36,800.00 in inflation)

  • MXL - Luxury & Highest Trim
    5.6L V8 Detroit Custom Engine
    231hp - 340lb-ft
    0-60: 9.10 seconds

  • Comes With:
    Luxury/Sport Leather Seats w/ Luxury/Premium AM Radio/Stereo
    4-speed Manual
    Manual Seats
    Air Conditioning
    Electric Windows & Locks
    Spare Wheel (underneath car)
    Side Exhausts
    Aid Kit

Price: $4,600.00 (43,400.00 in inflation)

Promo Photo:

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️


1984-1990 Blaire LaFette Mk. V

1984-1988 Blaire LaFette Coupe Mk. III

A poor attempt at advertising a premium sedan to a younger market

Both models came in 3 trims. . .

  • MX - Base Line
    4.6L V6 McMinton Engines
    103hp - 110lb-ft
    0-60: 11.2 seconds

  • Comes With:
    Premium Cloth/Leather Seats w/ Premium 8-track
    4-speed Manual
    Manual Seats & Windows
    Electric Locks
    Premium Air Conditioning
    Spare Wheel (underneath boot carpet)
    Aid Kit
    Cigar Lighter

Price: $16,500.00 ($40,600.00 in inflation)

  • MXX - Mid-trim Level
    4.8L V8 Linton Ash Engines
    145hp - 199lb-ft
    0-60: 10.8 seconds

  • Comes With:
    Premium Leather w/ Premium Cassette
    3-speed Auto/4-speed Manual
    Premium Air Conditioning
    Electric Locks & Windows
    Manual Seats
    Aid Kit
    Spare Wheel (underneath boot carpet)
    Cigar Lighter
    Reclining Antenna

Price: $19,400.00 ($47,735.76 in inflation)

  • MXL - Highest Trim
    5.6L V8 McMinton Engines
    214hp - 287lb-ft
    0-60: 9.8 seconds

  • Comes With:
    Luxury Leather w/ Luxury Cassette/8-Track
    5-speed Manual
    Luxury Air Conditioning
    Electric Windows & Locks
    Spare Wheel (underneath boot carpet)
    Aid Kit
    Cigar Lighter
    Brake Assist Bumper Bars (literally just bumper bars made to stop you from hitting a wall of low speeds)

Price: $22,300.00 ($55,363.64 in inflation)

Promo Photos:

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️