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Blue light fixtures


Hi Devs…

2 years ago I did some fixture modding in the Kee engine. I came up with lights for police cars but could only do clear (which was OK for the LED bars). I wanted to make blue police lights and green medical lights.

I asked 2 years ago about having a new material to be able to do this and got the following response…

So is it possible for someone to mod a glass colour and add it to the available “standard” glass materials now that we are in UE4?

I haven’t started modding UE4 yet because I’m getting old and it looks more daunting than Kee but just wanted to ask. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.


P.s… when are we getting the Boxer update? :blush:


Yea I think it’s possible to do now but I haven’t figured out how to make new materials in the Unreal Editor yet.