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Blue Marlin Motori Auto & Žnoprešk Avtomobil


[size=150]Žnoprešk Zeus[/size]

Everybody deserve a supercar. Even Žnoprešk.

A great value for money supercar.
A 6 liter V8 DOHC mid engine car with 7 speed sequential gearbox, aluminium chassis with polymer body, sport compund tyres and runs on 95 RON :wink:

More photos on Automation hub automationhub.net/company-catalo … rmodel/421


I have to say, this is one of the most rounded cars ever created - good stats at a low price! What are the rest of the stats like and what would you sell it for?


Thanks, that was one of the objective in my point of view. I saw here around tons and tons of supercars with HUGE production costs and I thought “How hard can it be?” so I’ve started Automation and worked over the concept.

The styling is maybe too simple, but I’m happy with the performance achieved.

I can tell you that the car can complete a lap on the Airfiled track in less than 1:19.00.
I will release more stats tonight once I’m at home and I can take some screenshot :wink:


This are the engine stats

This the general performace of the car on the road


So… this is the famous competitor that Strop was talking about here (viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4022&start=120#p68233)

[size=150]ZNOPRESK ZEST 1.6 SALA[/size]

This is the comfy trim of the Znopresk Zest, featuring a robotized gearbox and a better entertainment system compared to the base 1.4 EL version.


It’s 1975 and MMM is slowly moving to became BMMA into the ZM group.
The top seller mid sized sport sedan Dolphine turn into the Mk.II
[size=150]BMMA DOLPHINE MK.II 2.6 SPRINT[/size]

With a 2.6 liter inline 6, dual 4 barrell carburettors (184hp)


The ZEUS, steam edition!

It lost some power, but it’s cheaper and sportier and comfy too! \o/


You’re very good at getting detail into your car designs, Norman. You have a knack for making “greebles” that actually work with the car and don’t just look like they’re tacked on as an afterthought. I personally use more simplicity in my car designs, but that’s in part simply due to me still being new to Automation. I’m still learning how to use all the pieces in conjunction with one another to get a unique look. You definitely provide plenty of inspiration! Cheers :slight_smile:



Very nice stuff! Carefully designed cars with a real personality - a big thumbs up!


From the the 1965 Znopresk Z300 series wasn’t totally exciting on the design point of view

So in the 1972 there was a restyling (with the help of the Iurlaro deisgn atelier)

Way better…


After 7 years of development and tuning in 1995 there was unvailed the new Znorpresk Zenit.

[size=200]ZNOPRESK ZENIT (MY1995)[/size]

[size=150]1.8 AZZURRA[/size]

This was the eco-friendly, low fuel consumption and commuter oriented version.
It shares the same looks of the 1.4 Prima.

[size=150]1.8i SALA[/size]

The more comfortable edition of the Zenit (except for the special Iurlaro edition) that winks to the premium market.
A must have for the family.

[size=150]2.0i TOP[/size]

The finest interior with the most powerful Znopresk ZN-L4.2014 family engine. A family sportcar with no compromises.

One year later, in 1996, the Reparto Performance presented the ZRP version of the Zenit.
[size=150]2.0 ZRP[/size]

A great masterpiece from Znopresk Reparto Performace.
A purebreed family sportscar, trackdayready!


The eighties are strong in 1984, and the looks of the new BMMA Shark is the perfect sum of all the eightiness. It can only be driven by Kurt Russel with John Carpenter direction and Duran Duran music.

##[color=#275589]BMMA SHARK (MY1984)[/color]
[color=#275589]GT Limited by Iurlaro[/color]


The ZAP! is a great seller, and the new tech developed for it, along with the brand new small engine born along with it, gave to Znopresk the chance to go down to the supermini segment (A segment) with the ZZ.

##[color=#8cc2d6]ZNOPRESK ZZ (MY1983)[/color]
[color=#8cc2d6]1.0 Prima[/color]


“It was the car your dad bought while you were a kid. Looking at it now, it isn’t the best, but at the time it was great for you. You still remember the endless trip in the back seats… looking outside and sleeping, while your father was driving for hundreds and hudreds of kilometers… you still remeber the the cloth pattern and the smell of it; as you perfectly remember the squeaky suspension that make that particular sound while jumping on the bridges’ junction… a lot of memories are linked to that car, even if now it looks bland and boring, it was your father hard earned dream car”

In 1978 the old Z200 was obsolete and the new model was unveiled.
In 1982 it will renamed (in occasion of a minor restilying) as Znopresk Zenit (for the sedan) and Zest (for the hatchback) to match the new namig politics (right after the presentation of the ZAP!).

##[color=#7c5437]ZNOPRESK Z200 (MY1979)[/color]
[color=#7c5437]Z215 Sala (market value for Fruinia)[/color]


The famous Dolphine MK.II (automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewto … =20#p68503) it was almost 10 years old when the new model launch. Same engine family, revamped with MPFI and 200hp and increased to 2.7 liter.

##[color=#275589]BMMA Dolphine Mk.III (MY1986)[/color]
[color=#275589]2.7 Opicina 200 (market value for Fruinia)[/color]


In the 1984 it was unveiled last model of the Narwhal, in the 1985 the GT-Sprint trim was presented and immediately became a must in the executive sport sedan (automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewto … =30#p91632)

##[color=#000]BMMA NARWHAL (MY1985)[/color]
[color=#000]GT-Sprint (market value for Gasmea)[/color]

And the advertisment.


Znopresk is easily the best Brand in the community. Huge Brand Identity.
You make alot of models from the past years. Do you use the same engines and families or you’re not doing chronological sandbox creations?


I do not necessary work starting from the older model to the newer… When I see a good body I’ll work around it.
Like this…

Based on the same platofrm of the BMMA Narwhal, the Zm group developed a Iurlaro and a Znopresk.
##[color=#eee]Žnoprešk Zenit (MY1985)[/color]
[color=#eee]2.0 Linea (market value for Gasmea)[/color]

##[color=#6f2038]Iurlaro Teodora (MY1985)[/color]
[color=#6f2038]V12 Perla (market value for Gasmea)[/color]


I wonder how building a luxury car on the same platform as a basic family car would affect prestige…