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Blue Marlin Motori Auto & Žnoprešk Avtomobil


That may be an interesting thought for when brand image gets factored into tycoon mode.

I mean, companies well known for budget tend to attract a fair bit of skepticism when it comes to making luxury vehicles (i.e. Hyundai Equus). Toyota and Nissan kind of addressed this by using sub-brands Lexus and Infiniti. But sharing the same platform, that’s different again.


Bentley Continental sales are booming, VW Phaeton sold like 20 cars. So, Im guessing it’s not a big deal.


In this case things are little bit different.

The Zenit and the Teodora are based on the platform temporary called H8, that was born for the BMMA Narwhal, a sport executive sedan.
The H8 have Double Wishbone fon all 4 wheels and aluminium panels… so the big “drawbacks” here is to have a basic family saloon based on an more expensive platform.
Anyway I will be very curious to see the prestige will be affected on the brads (various brands, there are 3 here, Znopresk-basic, BMMA-sport, Iurlaro-luxury) and how the engineering costs, caused by the same platform, will help to keep a lower price for the Zenit.


This rear engine model was initially unveiled in 1964 and shown here are the models with the 1968 facelift for USA.
The Z325 was imported in a limited number into the USA and became immediately popular to the point to be regularly sold in the USA through the Blue Marlin America retailers of the MMM (TCC S1 R4).

##[color=#8C103D]ZNOPRESK Z300 (MY1968)[/color]
[color=#8C103D]Z312 Prima (market value for Gasmea)[/color]

[color=#274c8b]Z325 V6 Corsa (market value for Gasmea)[/color]

A special tuning package called “PESCARA” was developed by Kraft Haus Technik -> link

The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven
KHT Aftermarket division and racing team [1972 Dominator. KHT builds a Calvinator]



Looks great, I like the details around the head and taillights.


The most exclusive coupe from Iurlaro, model year 1971.
A high end luxury personal Gran Turismo coupe that touches the borders of the hypercar for the era, with almost 320 horsepower from a huge V12 engine.
The production was limited to 500 units, sold out during the presentation in the Geneve motor show.
The car placed third in the GTP 71 challenge (automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewto … 210#p91656)

##[color=#724824]IURLARO VICTORIA (MY1971)[/color]
[color=#724824]V12 Perla (market value for Gasmea)[/color]


The Victoria is genuinely very well done. Congrats! The styling would be quite cutting edge in 1971 and I think it looks good.
Yes that’s a huge displacement on that V12 but so it is on ISOs and Monteverdis and such - which would be your competitors. Nicely done!


In 1985 the old Z200/Zenith Mk.0 restyle need a major update and the 80’s design kicked in. The early model were presented in 1985 but it start to sold in 1986.
This was the real first model of the Zenit and it was a bit wierd. The 80’s were strange time for the recently born ZM group, with a good performing BMMA and a undertone Znopresk brand that went too strage for the general public.

##[color=#919191]ZNOPRESK ZENIT Mk.I (MY1986)[/color]
[color=#919191]1.5 Linea (market value for Gasmea)[/color]


In 1967 the older Z1156 was 11 years old. The earliest running prototype of the new C class size car were running with the bodyworks of the older car since 2 years now.
At the end of the year the car was presented to the press, but the first car start to sold only at the end of the 1968.

In 1971 there was a minor restyling and two new trims were presented to the public. The first was the Z212 “Urbana”: a special version with power steering and a very low fuel consumpetion 52hp 1.2 liter version of the inline 4, designed with in mind Taxi and city use.
The second was a sport, almost race like, version of the car with a maxed out version of the engine (1.3 liter) with 88 horsepower thanks to DCOE carburattors and 5 speed gearbox.

##[color=#555] ZNOPRESK Z200 (MY1971)[/color]
[color=#555] Z212 Urbana (market value for Gasmea)[/color]

[color=#FFF] Z213 Sport (market value for Gasmea)[/color]

Chrysalis Motors

In the 90’s the old offroad platform where the Zanzibar and Agadez seen life needed a heavy refresh. The ladder frame and the suspension setup were kept very similar, but a lot of design faults were revised. In the 1994 after several years of tests, the final looks of the new ZM group offroad was presented only in the ZM version. The Zanzibar took a bit more time to be developed.

Featuring a 2 years old engine block used also by the Zest, Zenit, Zeta and some higher performance version of the Zap. SOHC, full aluminum, 16v and with a big pull on the low revs.

Pictured here the 2WD entry level version for the family.
##[color=#a19874]ZM Agadez (MY1994)[/color]
[color=#a19874]2.0 EL (market value for Gasmea)[/color]


Nice these last cars, specially the Victoria, Narwhal and Teodora.
Keep it up!


Serious brand recognition in work here. I love that.


[quote=“Razyx”]Nice these last cars, specially the Victoria, Narwhal and Teodora.
Keep it up![/quote]

Thanks, I’m really happy with the aesthetic results of them.

Oh u! Too kind :stuck_out_tongue:

After the launch of the Zap! the company economical situation allowed it to breathe again. The results were good and the technology debuted on the ZAP! was downscaled to cover the supermini segment, a segment that the Znopresk didn’t covered since the late 50’s.

Featuring the revised version of the 1968 SOHC 2valve inline 4 family debuted on the Z100.

Pictured here the experimental “world car” trim with: basic entry level with 5 seats, most economical and cheap to make 1 liter inline 4 with eco carb, drum front and rear, manual gearbox 4 speed and no entertainment.

Znopresk ZZ (MY1980)

1.0 Prima (market value for Fruinia)


If Znopresk was a real company it would crush evey single other company! :smiley:

Good job!


Blue Marlin America started in 1966 the first real steps to create a full american Blue Marlin, not anymore a european conversion for the american market. They started small, trying to squeeze out everything possible from a versatile compact platform.

In 1970 the BMA Californiana was presented to the public. Mild reaction welcomed the car, but the Italian HQ immediately see the potential to sell the car as a Premium Sport Car in the old continent, as the BMMA Tuna, sold as a coupe variant of the Dolphine. For the first time the car conversion was from America to Europe. Good job BMA.


GTC-Sprint (market value for Gasmea)


It reminds me of a certain Isuzu.

Also there should totally be a comparison between Pinto-bodied sports cars. I have already made one as well…


Even before I bought my copy of the game your company thread had me hooked with its rich and diverse history.


The 1990 Znopresk Zap was a car on which ZM group put a lot of efforts and a lot of hopes.
After an undertone 2nd generation ZAP!, too wierd (as all the 80’s Znopresk were) and too boring, the engineering and design office started immediately after the cold reception of the press and the slow sales.

ZM couldn’t afford a failure so, along with the high tech mid sized inline 4 (mid sized for Italy and Europe!) under developement for the medium sized cars, a new small platform was developed taking care about the future technologies. The funding was high and the platform was designed to last for at least 10 years without major re-engineering and to be innovative.

At the end of the 1989 the car was shown at the Geneve Car Shows, featuring full indipendent suspensions, partial aluminium body (rarely seen for a compact car of the era) and the new 16v full aluminium block inline 4 ZL4Q-2014C. The car was launched in April 1990.
The car here shown is the mid trim with a mid range 1.4 16v injected inline 4 with VVT on intake ports (so fancy).

ŽNOPREŠK Zap! (3rd gen, MY 1990)

1.4i Linea (market value for Fruinia)

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