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Blue Marlin Motori Auto & Žnoprešk Avtomobil


You just made a fire-breather out of a line of seemingly unassuming front-drivers. Well done!


Now the question is…how did it do in rallying? :smirk:


I don’t think it was a great rally car. It was cheap, for sure, adeguately competitive but not a great winner. A safe bet for small teams that wanted an entry level competitive rally car. The “staplecar” of the late 70’s rally grid.
Good rally crosser, probably still a diffused folkracer in the finno-scandinavian area.





THE Z200 SERIES 1977-1983 (Mk.II)

The restyled Z200 Mk.I was at the limit of its possibility as conservative designed small sedan in the mid 70’s economic stage. The hatchbacks design had undeniably advantages and markets favour. Since the 1974 the engineering and design department was working fully ahead for a hatchback replacement of the Z200. Becasue, together with this new Z200, it was necessary to find also a temporary solution to find a replacement for the old Z300, the car was bigger than the previous Z200 and smaller than the Z300. This “unified” series was internally named Z250, where the Z200 were the hatchbacks and the Z300 the sedans.

The car was a mix of conservative choices and innovation. The body, of course, was an innovation, but also the rear suspension, indipendent (finally) but more expensive. The cost cutting is on the re-use of the existing engine of the Znopresk (the 1.7 inline 4 and the 2.2 liter boxer 6) pool and the same longitudinal front wheel drive, not far away from the solutions debuted on the 1953 Žnoprešk Z1753.

The trim available were the same as for the earlier series (Prima, Linea, Sala, Sport and Turismo).
Here the standard US version, that was sold, as for the ealier seires in a single trim with a single engine option.

Z217 US (MY1976)

For european standard a quite luxurious Žnoprešk. Standard interior and AM/FM radio, manual gearbox (the last one fitted with this kind of transmission). The emission restriction and the old engine was a penalty that crippled the sales until the “post-Zap!” Zest will be presented in the early 80’s.

Z322 Sala (MY1976)

With a boxer six engine, more luxurious interior and equipment, this trim was the perfect choice for the fresh european middleclass that grown with a Znopresk and wanted something more posh to drive around.

Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]

THE ZAP! 1979-1985 (Mk.I)

The first generation of Žnoprešk Zap! was in development since 1975 and was the most important car in the brand history.
It had the very complicated task to re-invent the entire brand perception in the car market.

Before this car, Žnoprešk brand was percieved as well built, but boring and very traditional in the design and in the engineering. Most of the Žnoprešk still has longitudinal engine and gearbox, with a three box design.
But the Zap! car was designed to be cutting edge in every aspect, like:

  • A hatchback design with front transverse engine front wheel drive transverse layout and rear torsion bar. A totally new suspension system if compared with the past.

  • A completely new fully aluminum inline 3 engine with 3 valves per cylinder (from 860cc to 1250cc) featuring also a completely new Electronic Fuel injection system. Everything was developed with the help of the recently acquired BMMA and expected to be used also in possible smaller cars (like the ZZ).

  • Also the name was a complete cut from the past. Instead following the usual “Z+Size+Displacement” formula (for example Z325 = Znopresk Size 3 2.5 liter engine) it had a name starting with the Z. The following cars will have the same formula, with longer names for bigger car and shorter name for smaller cars. (Like the small ZZ or the bigger Zest or Zenit).

The Zap! was presented right at the end of the 1978 with a warm, but not enthusiastic, reception and hit the market with a range of 3 engines and 3 trims in the 1979 proofing unexpected popularity.

ZAP 900 (MY 1979)

The most important trim in the Director board strategy plan was the entry level one: the 900cc Prima. Featuring a very basic mass motoring, with decent performance and 4 comfortable seats.
Even if the EFi was available, for this trim a SU carburetor was fitted allowing the car a great fuel economy thanks to the 4th overdrive gear allowing a very small retail price of 6.052$

ZAP 1100L (MY 1979)

The upper trim was the 1100L (lusso). The more luxurious version of the Zap, with better interior, 8 track cassette player and AM/FM radio, 5 speed manual gearbox coped with the 50 horse power of the 1100cc inline makes the trim a perfect choice for commuters on a budget. For this motoring, it was also available a 4 speed automatic torque converter.

ZAP 1250S (MY 1979)

The S (sport) trim combined the interior of the L, with a specific aero package, a tuned 1250cc inline 3 with Iniezione Computerizzata, ligh allow 4 stroke wheels and a sporty toned exhaust.The peak power of 80hp was enough to shakes off some of the recurring jokes about the lacks of sportivity of the small and cheap Žnoprešks. But the public will have to wait 1984 to see the most fabulous Zap to hit the tarmac.


I have an urge to try out that 1250S in Beam.


Why not this?

ZAP 100T (MY 1984)

Following the popularity of the 1250S, the ZRP step in in 1983 to develop a Zap! trophy to allows young drivers to test their skills and grow without a huge amount of money to spend.
The inline 3 was set at 999cc and the power increased to 100hp combined with stiffer, lower suspensions, and the Sport aeropackage.
The car was sold as road legal, without the rollcage, but inside the cockpit there were all the mounting point for it. So anyone can buy the rollcage kit from ZRP and install it with temporary oversize bolts or weld it if they aren’t intrested in road use.
A popular track day car.

Available in BeamNG (Now it’s working!)



Ohh!!! A very interesting car.

I’m expecting to compare that car, with the Urban!


I don’t think any of the Zap here featured are comparable with the late 70’s Urban. The engines and the prices are way too different.


Against the Mesaia GTI tho… :thinking:
which is why I wanted the 1250

24hp less, but also 180kg less… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[EDIT] @NormanVauxhall link works, but I “don’t have the permission to see it” :t


Probably it take a while to confirm the mod as proper.


Yeah. Maybe.


BMMA Narwhal 3.0T Opicina