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Body Suggestions


A generic 70’s mid-engined supercar does sound fun.


Ahem, all previous suggestions for cars are good, ok done with that, now on to business.
The car that should be in this game:
The Chevrolet Corvair.
In Convertible, Hardtop, Coupe, Wagon, Van and Truck versions. :smiley:


Corvair with the flat-six? iconic american car.


and yet nobodys mentioned a capri, tut tut. Capri for me please!


I think for now the closest you’ll get to a Capri is a Falcon XB :stuck_out_tongue:


They did capris in oz! Maybe only mk1’s but still, itll do :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m talking the 60’s-80’s one here, not that ugly FWD convertable!)


Google is fun…



That one is pretty horrid, even if it does have purpose …

And I have suggested the Capri in another thread :wink:


i got a couple suggestions myself as well, though i tend to have a strange taste in cars, so i’m not expecting much :stuck_out_tongue:
but hey, at least i’m trying to help with suggestions! :mrgreen:
and i’m guessing it’s supposed to be derived from, or based on, and not a complete copy of the designs?

1.Alfa Romeo SZ
2.Ferrari GTO (1985)
3.Honda City Turbo II
4.Jeep Wrangler
5.Jaguar S-Type
6.Holden Commodore VL
7.Simca Rally
8.Talbot-Matra Rancho
9.Skoda Felicia Pickup Fun
10.Fiat Multipla (2005)
11.Fiat 600 Multipla (1960)


[quote=“Stew2000”]A generic 70’s mid-engined supercar does sound fun.


agreed as does the logical extension to that fun idea the '80s MR Supercar


And even the '90s Supercar

(I know its just a Concept but the damn thing’s styling is SOOOOOO '90s!)


A small city car chassis, buildable as a 2 seater smart car style up to a small 4 seater city car like a Mitsubishi i style. Both of these have the engine in the rear.

I’ve said chassis not body, because the size of car could be used for a lot, like hard top or convertible versions, Honda Beat or Smart Roadster.



http://c307.r7.cf2.rackcdn.com/43233_109_6186_Ethos_Front3qtr_-left_380x208px.jpg http://c307.r7.cf2.rackcdn.com/43234_109_6192_Ethos_Rear3Qtr_White_380x208px.jpg


Kinda surprised that no one has mentioned:

Lancia Delta Integrale (iconic hatch body to work in)
Lancia Stratos HF (who doesn’t want a 70’s mid-engine rally car?)


Hi guys. This is my first post here and here’s a great collection of old cars and their blueprints. This guy is amazing.

sample 1




“Hi guys. This is my first post here and here’s a great collection of old cars and their blueprints. This guy is amazing.”

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: I know Palat’s site, he is my favourite artist. He has a great taste in cars and I like his style of modeling - it’s worth to check out the wireframes of his works. No millions of polygons, he use only as much polys as necessary.
His art is one of the reasons why I applied for an Autodesk approved 3ds Max course. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I wish I had Palat’s skill and patience. I use Google SketchUp for modeling, I didn’t have enough patience to learn 3ds max on my own or enough money for a course.


I really like the Toyota 2000GT, it has some interesting styling.


I have the Ginetta G4 one of those.


I just love the lines of the 2000GT… I prefer it even to Jaguars, Lambos, Alfas, Ferraris and anything of the Period… or any period for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly you would pay as much for a 2000GT as a Ferrari, perhaps more on account of its rarity… It’ll always be a dream car of mine, but not a realistic one…

For that I’ll have a 240/260/280Z :wink:


Yeah, it is a very beautiful car indeed and also the Nissan Fairlady z is awesome.
The perfect combination would be to buy this carscoop.blogspot.com/2009/01/toyota-2000gt-replica-based-on-nissan.html. A 2000gt replica built on a 240z.