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Bogliq Automotive Engineering


Fairly certain it’s do-able. My unreleased 97 monte carlo production version does 8:34 on street sports, with 2 liter NA based on Mazda KF series, I’ll check how that body behaves with 19 years of tech advances tomorrow morning. Will report later


Unfortunately, despite your intentions, your original post made the claim that “your little sportscar is slower than a truck”.

Here it is again for reference:

No mention of any reference to a specially tuned toy work truck. Also…

Again suggesting that my car is rubbish without attempting to back up your claim. Try out the body, it really is one cramped engine bay. As for my shitting on your truck theory…

Which is confirmed by your reply with…

You just stated that your truck was a special purpose model, not a regular truck, and my comment merely stated the facts, which you’ve confirmed, and doesn’t shit on your truck at all; a well tuned chassis with three times the power of my budget Elise is going to lap the 'ring faster, but that doesn’t constitute a special achievement on your end or bad design on my part.

Your truck is a fast apple and my convertible is a slow orange. As for your premise that you were wronged in the first place…

A pointlessly snide reply instead of taking on the challenge or bowing out gracefully :unamused:

@squidhead Don’t rush your car on my account but it will be interesting to see what you come up with!

I’ll post the car file with the entire series after I reveal the Leeroy variant; that way the commentary, no matter how harsh, may actually lead to me learning new techniques… :sunglasses:


now i’m tempted to make something out of both bodies…

will be back later to report


And finally, after much controversy, the 2015 Bogliq Fox by Leeroy is revealed!!!

No stone left unturned, the tuners at Leeroy Racing tweaked, modded and replaced all they could in the pursuit of speed…

Other than bolt turbo’s to the engine, of course! :laughing:

All this for $100k AU’s making the Fox by Leeroy one for the well heeled track enthusiast! :sunglasses:

And, in traditional Bogliq Automotive fashion, here is the car data file so you can tear the car apart, learning all there is to know about this l’il track terror!!!

High_Octane_Love - 2015 Bogliq Fox.zip (167.5 KB)


and here’s a rough draft :stuck_out_tongue:

granted i went a bit wonkers on the engine bay.

this body have A LOT more potential than i thought.

wait, the convertible is lighter than the coupe O_o what is this sorcery.

also, i think this will actually be finished and published on my komodo company thread.


I suppose laziness and the nature of my non-native english speaking were my downfall in this fight.

Lol my Pick-Up trucks are faster than that.

The reason for that remark was that I happened to notice the times of your original car were surprisingly similar to a pick-up I had built a while ago. this one.
Yes that only applies to the performance versions (whoda thought) and since I am not the type to build something from the ground up for this purpose I went with the strategy of “throw in a bigger engine and see what happens”. Once again unintentionally similar.

Again suggesting that my car is rubbish without attempting to back up your claim.

By that I was referring to some official Nordschleifen lap times for street legal vehicles, because I’d have expected this lightweight sports car to be faster than some much heavier hatchbacks from ten years ago, but since you’ve updated the car that comment was rendered irrelevant anyway.

my comment merely stated the facts, which you’ve confirmed, and doesn’t shit on your truck at all

I’m a non-native speaker, I simply didn’t understand what you meant the first time. My bad, I guess.

Try out the body, it really is one cramped engine bay

I won’t, If it is as restricting as you say I don’t know if I can do much differently and get to the same results.


and the engine bay are only cramped if you’re going mid engine. i went FR and it’s a bit small, but not that small.


@Awildgermanappears Thankyou for your reply. I can now see that your original post could be seen in a different context, especially from a non-native speaker’s perspective. My 2c would be to add a smiley to clarify your intent; a single :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: would have been interpreted by me as a joke, not a shitpost.

BTW, I looked at your truck and it’s a very nice design, thanks for the link :grin:

@koolkei Try to make one as an MR design, using FR is cheating! :stuck_out_tongue:



also a rough draft with the MR :stuck_out_tongue: this one with turbo
i got the FR down to 7:35-ish, that’s without turbo :slight_smile:

PS: it’s even all-aluminium body.
PPS: it’s also not manual though


Had a go at you challenge and I must say MacPherson strut rear suspension is the answer m8 if you need bigger engines. Able to fit a lovely lightweight Pushrod flatplane V8 in there. Got it down to a 7:45 despite me sucking at tuning MR.


7:45 pushrod v8 in an MR car? O_O



It’s only a NA 4.3 w/ mellow ass cam profile, 375hp AND I am terrible at tuning MR cars. Yours seems to have a lot more than that fam.


I like this!


I thought I’d have a try at this :slight_smile:

Sub 8 minute Green Hell time… for only $37600 with 100% markup.

2.4L V6 Turbo producing 311hp on 95RON. All-aluminum, MR configuration with 7-speed manual. It gets 32mpg too, cause it has VVL :smiley:


That is a well-balanced car, good work!


Well, I’m going to have to have a second go at this body then… I used pushrod suspension at both ends so that clearly explains why my engine bay was so cramped, lol!

Thanks to @koolkei, @Awildgermanappears and @phale for giving my challenge a go :slight_smile:


uhh no… i tried both transverse and longitudinal, and all suspension combinations. they make no difference to the engine bay space… weird…

then again, this is also a ‘weird’ body


I just tried a transverse RWD with struts at each corner and I was able to fit a square 3L DOHC V6… :confounded:

Maybe the pushrod affects engine bay height?


Pushrod designs are way more compact than overhead cams, so if engine height matters (and it does in many of the bodies), then you’ll definitely be able to fit in a larger engine with pushrods.


The funny thing!!!.., almost do not fit an almighty v8!!, what am I going to do?!!, what suspension scheme would be better?? and so on :grin:
More data from another setup.