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Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)


DLHA - Drives Like Heavens Above. And I’m pleased to have worked on it and came up with that corky name. Send me the final file, I’ll do Joe’s special car. We’re here for the next projects, you just hmu!


GB2 Series 1993 -

1993 Bogliq Bosun - Garcia

Garcian Bogliq’s were designed to appeal to a broad base of customers without treading on corporate partner GMI’s toes

The initial partnership with GMI proved fruitful so, when GMI offered an updated SPP, Bogliq embraced the car with iopen arms. Bogliq had been struggling with product development and direction since the early 80’s and had stagnated in many markets, so catching up using shared platforms was Bogliq’s only choice. The GB2 series was also the first new Bogliq to feature the new OHC Camshift engines; Bogliq had finally completed engineering on the tech first seen in the Buccanneer 841R!

Bosun Model Range

210G - $9,949 Driveaway, $271 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.0L I4, 36Kw, 159Km/h, 17.2s 0-100, 7.6L/100) Reliability: 69.3
210G5 - $10,149 Driveaway, $282 p.a. servicing (5dr Hatch, 1.0L I4, 36Kw, 155Km/h, 19.7s 0-100, 8.3L/100) Reliability: 67.8
214GS - $11,000 Driveaway, $447 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.4L I4, 52Kw, 180Km/h, 12.8s 0-100, 7.6L/100) Reliability: 68.2

1993 Bogliq Bosun - USA

Bogliq USA had to develop new product and replace ageing designs and engineering. The GMI sourced Bosun proved the silver bullet to achieve both these aims!

Bogliq USA was being hammered on every front. Better equipped imports were too nice to drive to justify cheapening out on a Bogliq and local competitors were also sinking the boot in. Topping all this off, Bogliq had been rapidly expanding into export markets which was draining away precious R & D funds and the USDM market share was dropping as a result.

To attempt to fill the holes, Bogliq decided to fully import their small car from the Mexico plant in Tampico. Gone were the dated pushrod engines and in their place resided OHC engines with Camshift. Performance was improved, but crucially, efficiency was the big winner. The greatest downside of this deal? The DLH project was shelved; there was no money to fund a DLH Bosun and the market just wasn’t interested.

Bosun Model Range

215B - $9,299 Driveaway, $281 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.5L I4, 49Kw, 177Km/h, 13.5s 0-100, 6.6L/100) Reliability: 71.5
215B5 - $10,699 Driveaway, $299 p.a. servicing (5dr Hatch, 1.5L I4, 49Kw, 168Km/h, 14.9s 0-100, 7.8L/100) Reliability: 67.8
218US - $13,299 Driveaway, $577 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.8L I4, 64Kw, 198Km/h, 10.5s 0-100, 7.9L/100) Reliability: 67.4

SPP Series - GMI ZX64 and ZX128


The ZX64 was the 2 door variant of the SPP, this model encompasses the budget friendly models and the high performance variants as well!

The second generation SPP was designed by GMI to to address criticisms of the old model. The car was lengthened and the track increased, which resulted in a roomier cabin. The engines and drivetrains, however, were carried over so the base spec 64 was actually slower than it’s predecessor! But customers loved their GMI’s and Garcians embraced the newer cars with gusto.

The ZX64 240R was a 1000 unit limited run project, developed because they wanted to increase GMI’s performance profile…

From the GMI-240R Enthusiast website:

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

ZX64 Model Range


ZX64 - $10,059 Driveaway, $284 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.2L I3, 42Kw, 168Km/h, 14.7s 0-100, 7.6L/100) Reliability: 65.4


ZX64-240R - $27,760 Driveaway, $913 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 2.4L V6, 149Kw, 234Km/h, 6.43s 0-100, 14.6L/100) Reliability: 63.2


ZX64 (Mk 3) - $12,856 Driveaway, $340 p.a. servicing (3dr Hatch, 1.2L I3, 41Kw, 171Km/h, 15.3s 0-100, 5.6L/100) Reliability: 63.9


The ZX128 is a 5 door variant of the ZX64, but extends to higher trim levels than the budget hatch.

The ZX128 is a branding strategy by GMI to enable them to get two bites at the marketshare cherry from a single platform. Even though the 5 door is available in all the low spec trims that the ZX64 has, the 128 also gets fancy top shelf interiors, plus a 4 cylinder engine, to aid in differentiating the two.

The variant pictured is te top spec ST variant, packing a 1.6L four and a plush, sporty interior. There was also an AWD offroad variant, called Crosstrek, introduced in 2000 to replace the ZX64 TS4’s tat had finally sold out.

ZX128 Model Range


ZX128 ST - $18,849 Driveaway, $556 p.a. servicing (5dr Hatch, 1.6L I4, 97Kw, 213Km/h, 8.47s 0-100, 12.1L/100) Reliability: 65


ZX128 CrossTrek - $17,199 Driveaway, $561 p.a. servicing (5dr Hatch, 1.4L I3, 69Kw, 193Km/h, 11.8s 0-100, 5.8L/100) Reliability: 63.9

GMI Lore Page

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Expect a gen 3 platform Soon™… Been waiting for some updated bodies that have come in open beta


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