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Everything seems just great except for… a sports car engine in a luxury car - I mean the 502 hp I6.


I meant to get a screen cap of the torque curve, but I forgot to do that. The engine might have a high specific output, but the turbo spools nice and early, with a linear power crescendo and let’s not forget this is an inline 6 engine, meaning it’s very smooth.
As with the entire Kashmir line up, it gets impressive drivability and comfort scores in game, with great market scores.


But still, revving to 7900 rpm for peak power in a luxury car is a bit weird :wink:


Tell me what isn’t weird in the world of automation :wink:


The 2019 Bonham Orwell

Bonham Orwell 2.0 Balmoral in Tour de France Blue

Revised for 2019, the Bonham Orwell has moved the game on in terms of desirability in its class.
The brand new face, with full LED headlights and tail lights, give it a distinctive look, with family cues relating it directly to the top of the range Kashmir sedan, but with its own unique personality, as shown on the intricate DRL detailing.

Down the sides, the body sculpting continues with the carefully styled chrome add-ons and blacked out pillars, creating the impression of a floating roof, which can be specced in body colour, white or black.

At the rear, the car continues with the LED theme and also continues the distinctive Bonham look.

All in all, this is the first crossover you could actually want to buy.

Bonham Orwell 2.0 Balmoral in Tour de France Blue

However, it’s not all show and no go. Underneath, the Orwell is a very credible car, joining the best of Baltazar engineering together with Bonham luxury and exclusivity, The car is based on the cutting edge C/D Platform from Baltazar, with all-round fully independent suspension, a modern DCT gearbox and the new 2.0 engine range.

The engine range is composed of the VVL and VVT equipped, all-aluminium 2.0 4-cylinder unit, available in 3 states of tune, with 202, 262 and 325 hp. The car is available in Hillsborough, Balmoral and in sporty Cotswolds trim levels. The lowest power model can be had with either a 6-speed manual, which is FWD only or DCT, either with FWD or AWD, meanwhile mid spec Balmoral, both with the 202 and 262 hp engines, and sporty Cotswolds models are automatic and AWD only.

Sales begin in September in China, Anikatia and East Asia. First deliveries for Europe and the USA will begin in October.

Available trim levels (US/UK prices):

Hillsborough - 202 hp 2.0T engine, Manual or DCT
202 hp manual FWD - $ 33,610/£31,850
202 hp DCT FWD - $ 34,990/£33,210
202 hp DCT AWD - $ 36,790/£34,980

Balmoral - 202 or 262 hp 2.0T engines, DCT only
202 hp DCT AWD - $38,900/£36,950
262 hp DCT AWD - $40,355/£38,490

Cotswolds - 325 hp 2.0T DCT
325 hp DCT AWD - $45,500/£43,270

Bonham Orwell 2.0 Balmoral in British Racing Green

Bonham Orwell 2.0 Balmoral in British Racing Green

2018 Automation EOTY Awards

Press Release, January 8th

Following the announcements from our dearest friends from Erin, Bonham would also like to announce its interest in returning to the LMP1 class under the new Hypercar rules from 2020. This rule change is an opportunity to further develop hybrid technology with a strong correlation to road car technology, at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Following the long standing commitment from Bonham in GTE Pro and GTE Am classes, with the Fleming GTE and GT3 models, this step up to the LMP1 class is just a normal extension of the racing activities.

The team will continue running the 6 GTE Pro cars under the official Bonham Racing team and will continue to supply Fleming GTE and GT3 models to GTE Am teams.

Further information about the racing car, and subsequent road car should be released over the coming months.