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Bought the game but cannot find installer


I bought the game a long time ago before it was on Steam and I havent played for a while.
I would like to start playing again but I can’t figure out how to install the game. Where can I find the installer? I don’t have the game in my steam account altough I think I converted my Automation account to a Steam account. I hope I don’t have to buy it again.



There’s no such a thing as automation account now I think. If you have a diffrent acc on steam, you need to buy it again.


I’ve only ever had one steam account, created one just for this game. Can’t I get an installer like there was before or get a steam code so I can download the game I already paid for all those years ago?


You need access to the steam account you used to buy this game.
then just use the steam software and install from there.

If you never converted/added your key to a steam account you will need to do so. To get ahold of your original key I think you need to send an email to camshaft software.

If you did have it linked to a steam account and just forgot the password, go to valve’s steam help page or something like that.

Hope this helps so you can play the latest version of Automation.


Maybe this helps you out?

If you have the game from before then you can get a free Steam key by recovering your Automation account. There is no installer, the game is distributed via Steam, you install it from your Steam library.


Got it working, thank you