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Boxer 2s



So I recently saw the devblog that was uploaded to the Automation YouTube channel (where you guys showcased the boxer engines) and wanted to suggest a boxer 2, as I think it could be an interesting thing to have in the game. I recently saw some designs on this website:
There are some gifs there like this one:

(also I think this engine could potentially revolutionize the car industry if done properly)



As cool as it looks, if you read the FAQ, or watch any of the dev updates they do say that the boxer 4s, 6s and inline 5s are the only engines that will be in Automation 1.0 that are not already in game.


Also almost always with the topic of the engine types in game comes the topic of (far) future DLCs, like the possible “small engines” DLC with I2s, B2s, V2s and things like that. So yes, it is a known suggestion, yes, it might appear in the game, no, not soon, and no, not in standard.


thats a typically french engine


read the FAQ