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[BR] 1995 Compact Sport Coupes


1995 Ninomiya Nexus


Entries are now close, thanks for all participant and good luck in the competition : )


Hey guys, first impression video of Compact Sport Coupes Challenge went out, english notes in the discription.


this plates was resized? pls dont
btw, why the Nakaba got declassified?


damn… overlooked the rim color with the rim material
the car is unusual, maybe
it reminds me of a Scion with the colors
but the design is heavily inspired by the Ford Escort ZX2s


I think you don’t have the mod for my car’s central tail light, I sent it to you a while ago by pm. This isn’t a problem for me, I just say it for completeness. Compliments for the video anyway :+1:


I have all mods who you sent for me : /


No clue, I have no idea either, it just says im disqualified. I mean i actually put in effort so… if it was deemed as a meme build…got no idea why


@ELBruno Can you answer why the Nakaba and Nexus got DSQd? Its really sad seeing someone putting effort on a car and getting DSQd without further explanation


Your car isn’t compact


Manwut, It uses the same body as centauri phoenix


But stretched as long as possible, same thing for the Ninomiya, even though it’s a bit smaller. Compare with the other participants and the cars who I give as example.


That really sounds like bull honestly


Exactly but i guess thats that…


Hey guys, I forgot to share here, but the first stage video of our challenge went out on my channel, english notes and lap times in the description.


After reading the writeups on the entries (not just for the first impressions, but also the track test) I was, quite frankly, relieved to find out that your thoughts on my entry were mostly positive (although it lacked an LSD; then again, back in 1995, not many cars with <150 horsepower had one). At any rate, you have gotten off to a great start with the first two stages of reviews - I hope the rest of the judging phase lives up to our lofty expectations.


as with me. might have to miss out on this one :sweat:


Hey guys, second stage video of our challenge went out on my channel, english notes and lap times in the description.


Hey guys, the last video with the results of our challenge went out, the results is detailed in the description.


what is the deadline?