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[BR] 1995 Compact Sport Coupes


It’s already over


Okay, thank you!


No problem. Hope to see you in the next one!


I can’t wait to see it! Gotta get my brand going :smile:


Oh shit, did I win this?


I’ll happily take second place in this contest - my car was not the most reliable, but made up for it by performing well enough in most aspects.


You won the Automation part, in my challenges we have 2 winners, the fastest car(BeamNG part) and the most balanced car in general(Automation part)


So my car is one of the slowest on the track but the most balanced to own and drive. I can get behind that :slight_smile: I’ll be honest I didn’t really tune it much in beam as I don’t have anything but a keyboard, so I’m not overly surprised to have placed in the back.

It was a fun challenge. Thank you for hosting :slight_smile:


I still run with a keyboard too lol. Never bothered to sync up a controller. it’s still fun though