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[BR] 2020 Automation Rally Competition Homologation Sedans (CLOSED)


Hey everyone , I’m passing to remember that tomorrow is already the last day for me to receive the cars for the challenge. If you plan to enter, now is your last chance.


everyone , last day to join the competition, if you have a entry, send me as soon as possible!






The competition is officially closed, thanks for all the participants and good luck.


Rocha Corot RWR 420T


Dudecia Evo:




Is this dead?


Will there be any results?


The contest isn’t really dead, he just takes time to grade the vehicles and not to mention upload and test them in BeamNG. He will post a video on youtube. So just be patient.


Hey guys, first impression video of our challenge went out, english notes in the discription. Sorry about the delay to post the video.


Shoot, no esp? I must have sent a older version in damn the one I was testing in beam had it. Oh well, hey now’s your chance to own this ultra rare test mule version! Lol


Hey guys, test phase video of our challenge went out on my channel, english notes and lap times in the description.