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[BR] The new Top-Selling in Brazil (Results)


Se você fala português acho mais facil você ver o video no meu canal: https://youtu.be/74wdyUmVNtM

Hi guys, I’m back with another challenge and this time you will need to create the new top-selling car for the brazilian market. Taking advantage of the new releases and upcoming cars in the compact segment, which sells most in Brazil, I decided to create this challenge to simulate how your Automation creation whould compeat with those real top-selling cars. As I think you don’t know the brazilian automotive market, i made a huge list with cars who are selling here with their photos, engine and transmission option for you to use as a base for your creation and remember to follow the rules:


Engine displacement, Number of cylinders, Aspiration, Pick power in Cavalo Vapor, Pick torque in Quilograma força metro, transmission options.

Fiat Argo (1.0 L3 NA 77cv 10,9kgfm Manual/Single-Clutch transmission | 1.3 L4 NA 109cv 14,2kgfm Manual/Single-Clutch transmission| 1.8 L4 NA 139cv 19,3kgfm Automatic)

Chevrolet Onix (1.0 L3 NA 82cv 10,6kgfm Manual | 1.0 L3 Turbo 116cv 16,8kgfm Manual/Automatic)

Hyundai HB20 (1.0 L3 NA 80cv 10,2kgfm Manual | 1.6 L4 NA 130cv 16,5kgfm Manual/Automatic | 1.0 L3 Turbo 120cv 17,5kgfm Automatic)

Ford Ka (1.0 L3 NA 85cv 10,7kgfm Manual | 1.5 L3 NA 136cv 16,1kgfm Manual/Automatic)

Peugeot 208 (1.2 L3 NA 90cv 13kgfm Manual | 1.6 L4 NA 118cv 16,1kgfm Automatic | 1.2 L3 Turbo 130cv 20,4kgfm Automatic)

Renault Sandero (1.0 L3 NA 82cv 10,5kgfm Manual | 1.6 L4 NA 118cv 16kgfm Manual/CVT)

Volkswagen Polo (1.0 L3 NA 84cv 10,4kgfm Manual| 1.6 L4 NA 117cv 16,5kgfm Manual/Automatic | 1.0 L3 Turbo 128cv 20,4kgfm Automatic)

Toyota Yaris (1.3 L4 NA 101cv 12,9kgfm Manual/Automatic | 1.5 L4 NA 110cv 14,9kgfm Automatic)

Citroen C3 (1.2 L3 NA 90cv 13kgfm Manual | 1.6 L4 NA 118cv 16,1kgfm Automatic)

Kia Rio (1.6 L4 NA 130cv 16,5kgfm Automatic)

Engine rules

Age of production: 2020.
Prohibited use of carburetors.
Prohibited use of race intake.
Fuel Type: Regular - 91 RON.
No race headers.
Must have catalytic converter and one muffler at least.
Production Units: 32.
Engineering Time: 125.
Minimum reliability: 70.

Car rules

Age of production: 2020.
The car need to be a street legal Hatchback, that a real brand could sell.
No 4x4.
No sequencial transmission.
No Chunky Offroad or Semi Slicks tyres.
Must have, at least, 4 seats.
No “None” Entertainment option.
Must have, at least, TC + ABS.
No “None” Safety option.
Minimum fuel consumption: 13 km/l (12,9 or less = disqualification).
Production Units: 123.
Engineering Time: 120.
Minimum confort: 18.
Car must be sold in Gasmea.
Cars considered poorly made will be disqualified, make sure your car is minimally drivable.

Entering the competition

After create, test and tuning your car you need to send me on DM here or on my discord (https://discord.gg/2huneNM). The deadline will be in day 06, January, 2020, 23:59 brasília time, so don’t rush your creation.

Test phase

The cars will receive scores based on the engine (Power, Reliability) and the car (Total Price, Maintenance Cost, Conforto, Safety, Prestige, Fuel Consumption, Passenger Space, Cargo Space, 0-100, Top Speed, Score(City), Style, Realsim, Powertrain) compared with the others participants. I will test suspension, acceleration and top speed, fuel consumption at 50km/h and 120km/h of your car and race it at Hirochi Raceway: Medium Race Circuit and West Coast, USA: Street Course 1, always ranking it against the oponents.


Many markets have already mandated stability control in real life - why not require its inclusion for all entries submitted in this latest challenge of yours?


Brazil is a underdeveloped country, by law the only thing required is ABS and Front air bag for driver and co-pilot, but not long ago people started to paying attention to LATIN NCAP, who is more simple and easy if you compare to others crash tests, but still the most selled car for a long time is the old gen Chev Onix who recieve 0 points in the test. So now brands start to put more safety stuf in their cars, even because cars here are absurdly expensive and in the end brands whant to improve their scores to make advertise on that. In a fast search you will see who at least half of the car in the “Inspirations” tab don’t have TC or ESC in more basic versions, only in the more expensive ones (spoiler: is in these versions that you should focus)


Are we competing in an entry-level model, a high-end model or a full range?


This cars are entry-level to be real, but not basic at all


it seems like a top-level trim of a entry-level car




Hello everyone , I’m passing here to wish a happy new year and reminds you that the deadline is less than a week!



So example cars have a wheelbase of around 2.5m (vw polo, toyota yaris) but the car you make as an example in the video has a wheelbase of 2.6 meters (similar wheelbase has a vw golf, toyota corolla etc). So which wheelbase shoul I go for. Do I build a competitor to a vw polo or a golf?


The idea is create a polo rival. In the video I past in all parts to talk about the rules, the car I made isn’t a car for the competition.


So if I submit an entry with a wheelbase of 2.6 meters will I be disq.?


No, the game don’t have much modern hatchbacks chassis so I don’t see problem in the wheelbase



Hey everyone, last then 2 days to closed the entries for the competition. If you didn’t send me your entry or you want to join, the time is now!



2020 Gufo Nato+


Franklin Marshall Street


Batz Brie 1.2te (mk6 2020)