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Brands And Models


Hey there! I was just wondering if there was a way that you could create a “brand” in automation and be able to group cars together. Example: trying to make a classic Mini Cooper type car and a newer Cooper S type of car but I have to create 2 different tabs for them, cut to 60 different types of cars later and I have to scroll for ages to find 2 different cars under the same “brand”. If there’s a way to make this more streamlined, please let me know! (Also I am very new to automation so I don’t have 100% knowledge of all of the game mechanics yet). P.S. there was a comment about adding “bones” to allow for pop up headlights, retracting roofs and electric antennae and I would just like to emphasize on that.


No man, sorry. The game only gives us the option to create two seperate tabs for car models. As for the “bones”, there is nothing in game (at the moment) that allows us to automatically operate pop-up headlights, convertible tops, or antennae. Hope this helps.