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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]


It’s called DOWNFORCE, as in force aimed downwards.

Not lift cancelling. Just FYI. :wink:


Group 3 Top Trump Cards


Anyone else get the feeling that one of Killrob’s drivers is a penis joke?


It is. They are all his PCM letsplay rider. So sad that Niklas Svensson didnt get a seat.


I don’t watch them, so I guess I miss all the good material.


Group 4 Top Trump Cards (Part I)


Group 4 Top Trump Cards (Part II)


OMG ! Those fuel economy :rofl:


you’re now entering gasmea, population: oil


42.4l/100km, holy moly


Should be forbidden to use the word “economy” to describe this.:rofl:
Fuel “consumption”, or maybe “quaffing”.:thinking::beers:

You could probably power one of the Group 1 cars from the excess dribbling out of the exhaust.


Can’t start!! Already drained the tank :rofl:


Less than 200km with that car’s race tank capacity of regular driving and the tank would be empty :joy:


Ohhh those cards look amazing!!!

I must educate myself in ways of livery :thinking:

Trolecoster does not have outrages consuption??? Something must be off…


@AirJordan No turbo, but don’t worry. I threw a ridiculous 429 CI pushrod V8 in a monster of a muscle car to keep the spirit alive. It burns fuel almost as fast as tires. Shouldn’t be on the track long enough for the drivers to make a mistake.

@Marv666 I’m calculating about 162 miles per tank at race speed. It would probably double that under normal conditions, which is on par for 1969-1970 US “economy” on high performance engines and heavy duty engines.

Point is, I know I’m not good enough at this to win, so I wanted to have fun.


Is that your roadcar? Because it’s so heavy and it’s got no numbers or livery


It’s not much different from the road car. I probably could have skimped on weight in the safety realm or something else, but I’m anticipating a crash and I’d like my drivers to be able to walk away.

I only have a couple of hours into this endeavor overall.


Guess I’m not the only 429 lol
Mine’s DAOHC instead of pushrod though


Mine is based on the Ford 385 series. Is yours the same bore and stroke?


Kinda my own thing based on the Mad Max game’s Big Chief 429. When I made it DAOHC I decided to lore it as a competitor to Ford’s 427 SOHC. Bore is 4.5" and stroke is 3.4". I just fiddled around until displacement was exactly 429.0 ci