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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [BONUS]


Sexy mag wheels.


As we get closer to Race Day, I’d like to take a moment to show you the following:

I am happy to announce that Quadrifoglio in collaboration with the German Board for Track Safety and Dunlap will be providing the pace car / safety car for this event. Introducing…

The 1970 Quadrifoglio Espada 1600 (O.N.S. Rennstrecken-Sicherungsfahrzeug)

The Espada 1600 is Luigi Bertolli’s latest Fruinian masterpiece, it Features a 1,587cc flat four-cylinder engine delivering ~110hp to the front wheels. Skidplate tests resulted in cornering performance close to 1.00g, and can be further improved by opting in for the optional 185/70R14 Performance Tires. Even with all the radio equipment and the additional electronics Installed, the vehicle comes in at a light 912kg.

Anyway, this wraps up all my BRC Related projects, I will be releasing a decal of the BRC logo to the public in the future. But for now I’ll be taking a break from 1970s cars and dive back into the 1980s.

– Quotex

Fun Fact: The livery and overal design inspiration was a real safety car that was used in 1973.

1970 Rigore Angeles MT-Racing BRC

The modified race-spec Angeles MT-Racing was a beast of a machine - with over 260 horsepower and a weight of just over 2700 lbs, the Angeles tackled races all over the world from IMSA TO to touring cars in Europe. Although its tenacity made it tricky to control at the limit, it remains one of Rigore’s most iconic race cars. It was driven in the 1970 season of the BRC by three drivers. Josef Quelle, a promising young German hotshot driver; Nikola Hammell, a veteran Austrian racer who had been with Rigore since 1965; and Michel Lamberti, an Italianate recently recruited from Žnoprešk’s racing team.


Status update

Hey guys, I know it has been quite some time now, but real life got in the way. I have managed to implement a few more things and I can say that we are getting there! Only a few minor things left to be implemented and a few more to be tested properly. I should be able to record the race very soon!

Today, I have two topics for you:

:warning: Last chance to fix strategies - Tire Wear!

A few of you have submitted strategies which won’t help you in the race. The tire wear number in the spreadsheet I sent you is not an indication of rubber left on the tire, but rather an indication of grip loss. I will fix the wording in the future.

This means for you that you should never try to run tires until close to 100% wear. Usually you are better off when changing tires latest between 20 and 30 percent, depending on your car. In some cases you’d even want to do it before that. So please fix your strategies and send a PM to me with your new numbers:

  • laps per stint (laps per tank/between refuelling)
  • stints per set of tires

The two numbers multiplied give you the number of laps on a set of tires. I have added a safety mechanism which will change your tires when the wear/grip loss is > 30 when doing a normal pit stop.

:warning: Please submit as soon as possible, as I will run the race soon.
If you are fine with your already submitted strategy, please don’t do anything.

:information_source: What happens when your car breaks down on the track?

I have finished implementing the mechanism to recover broken cars on the track. When a car breaks down, these are the steps that are done to bring it back into the race:

  • wait for a tow truck which is starting from the closest already passed track entry/exit
  • be towed to the next track exit
  • be towed along public roads to the pits
  • wait for the issue to be repaired
  • resume the race

The times for the transfer on the tow truck has been estimated assuming typical tow truck speeds and the distances on the track/on public roads.

These are the track entries/exits along the Nürburgring:

  • Nordkehre (end of Betonschleife / start of Nordschleife)
  • Bridge at Quiddelbacher Höhe
  • Adenauer Forst
  • Breidscheid
  • Hohe Acht
  • Pflanzgarten
  • Galgenkopf
  • Pit Lane Entry


How do i change my strategy?

I only have the homologation .png file.

Will we have to resubmit our cars if we want to fiddle a bit with the fuel setting?


You write a PM to me with 2 numbers:

You do not resubmit your car, you do not change anything on your car. You just have the .csv files with the practice results I sent you a few weeks ago to see your tire wear = grip loss during practice. Use this to estimate how long your tires will perform well.


I’ve been dying to post a do we have a race date yet replay haha, well done DB, cant wait for the video. Damn these brakedowns go into specifics! Next (brc supporting) challenge: desing and place your towtrucks!


you know you’re at nurburgring when:


Good to see the status update! I’m still as hyped up as ever for this race.

I forgot to mention it here (I did on the Automation Discord), but I typed over the trump cards in Excel to compare some stuff. As I did share that Excel file with others on Discord I might as well share it here too. Unfortunately it looks like I can’t upload Excel files or any similar files, so I put it in a zip:

BRC competitors_fromTrumpCards.zip (52.8 KB)


Qualifying Results

I think it’s time to share the first performance benchmark: It’s qualifying time! As always, all cars have a single shot and are not influenced/held up by other cars on the track. Place your bets on the race and class winners now! :slight_smile:

Btw: The race will have a flying start, with all cars starting in the same group/at the same time.


I knew I’d fair badly, but, fuck me…not THAT bad!!!


The rate at which my car exhausts its fuel supply is comically alarming. I’m feeling very 'MURICA right now :rofl:.


Wow… that is one thing i did not expect. P23 with a 2.5L I5… faster than, it seems, most of Group 3.

Doesnt say much for now, but the 24hrs will certainley be interesting.


What does the small S, P, and M stand for next to the cars numbers on the place list?


Tire Compounds

( S ) Semi-Slick
( P ) Performance
( M ) Medium




Most of the Front wheel drive cars are RAPID apparently. Cars #94 and of course #24 are also leading their classes


I am trying to figure out the rest of the tables, like P and T, B I assume is brake by wear gauge, Fuel Tank gauge, liters left in the tank, then rear tires (1 = good then up from there) Car damage (starting at 0) Front tires (same as rear).


P and T are Driver Pressure and Driver Tiredness you are correct about the other ones.


I’m 30 sec away from the pole sitter…

mmmhhh next time Prisma Team will bring a bigger boy!