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BRC: Global GT Series [CLOSED]


Does running the wrong compound for a given weather condition (inters or wets for very dry conditions) affect their wear adversely?

Does running lower grip tires for a situation (running slicks in wet conditions) increase difficulty of driving, or does it just slow the car down?


Not more than the effect of lower grip tires result in potentially a bit more wheelspin out of a few corners. There is no additionally modelled effect.

Lower grip tires increase error chances. Where the lower grip comes from does not matter (rain vs. tire compound or normal tire wear), just the amount of lower grip does. You will generally see more driver errors when it is wet.


1 slow deathtrap coming right up

Haapala GP2-96


After having reworked almost the whole car with the help of a team of expert consultants following the test-season, Scarab Racing are now a little more ready to take on the competition in the coming BRC: GTT.

Presenting the new and reworked Scarab Cirrus MR GT 2


I should make two tire stops per refill, so it makes much more strategic sense to only run a half tank of gas during the race for the reduced weight, I am feeling that is not currently possible?


This may have changed since the last time I read through Bayer’s guide, but I believe that the simulation will only put enough fuel in your car to make it to the next pit/fuel stop, plus a safety margin.
So, to answer your question, fuel quantity management is not currently possible independent of fuel stop scheduling.


I think I do not totally understand the question. Fuel is currently always added during a pit stop, and the amount is calculated appropriately so you make it to the next pit stop (or race end). If you only need half a tank to make it, you will get half a tank and only carry a small safety margin additionally.

What else would you like to have?


Dangit! I missed out on a BRC??? FML…


You’ve still got some time to get something together, I’ve got a competitive gt2 test car I won’t be using as I’m entering gt1 if you need a headstart


Final Car Submission and Team Registration Deadline in 24 Hours

Just a quick heads up if you want to update your car: You still have one day left to do so.

Regarding the recently droppen openbeta update: The changes should not affect track performance and not be relevant to the BRC - I will stay on the stable game version until I have processed all cars nevertheless. Please do the same if you want to eliminate any potential cause of issues.


Nagase brings the latest iteration of the Horizon to racing, but this time they have bolted two of their renowned inline 5 engines together at the crank to make a 5L V10 and put it in a new model called the V engine Prototype - Racing or VP-R for short.

Development went far enough that the project was passed on to the experimental racing department of Ridge Racing. To sponsor the endeavor. Ridge racing partnered with GULP Energy!

GULP Energy provides you the power you need to keep going! The aggressive styling of Nagase engineering aligns with the raw energy of GULP, always ready to get up and go for hours at a time.


LTR Legore CK3 GT1

Lamb Track Racing - Legore -Carbon Kevlar Prototype 3 - GT1 Class

Funded by Legores new owners, Sinolia Electronics, LTR took one of the 2 of 3 remaining Legore CK prototype body shells and chassis, bolted in a modified 7.4 litre DeLeon Marine boat engine, slapped on a livery of a ‘film production company’ and used their racing know how to do the rest.

LTR hopes to be competetivewith their large naturally aspirated motor in a field of largely turbo charged vehicles and Sinolia hopes to bring Legore back to prominance with a sucessful race season driven by Didier Deboste of Formula 1 notabilty.


After the abysmal performance of the DMA Special 4.9 it was sent off of a cliff.

The engineers decided that its replacement would be smaller with a bigger engine. Only one shoe horn was needed to squeeze in the 5.9L turbo charged V8.

The resulting engine is a vast improvement burning 1/2 to 1/3 the fuel in the power band. The chassis is only 10kg lighter but is much nimbler, and even though its footprint is smaller the smaller frontal area and improved aerodynamics burns less fuel and allows a greater top speed.

The driver also spent much time in the drivers seat in order to get more comfortable pushing the limits without ripping the tires off of it.


I still dont know where am I leaving seconds on the table…but at least top 10 turbo cars pushed me into constructing more efficient engine with 3tenths per lap gain. Top 3 here I come…if you blow up.


1996 Bradford AX-2 "VIGNA" // 1996 Ozawa R961 GT


Collobaration made possible with Halcon Supersport and Bradford Motorsports Division (BMD)


people: cool cars
alba during the 90s: -void sounds-


Us at DRD are always excited to put out a new race car. Tyrelli has stepped in this time to help us build and race this number 55 Wildcat.

The bad news is we’re not selling this thing any time soon. It’s too light, the V10 is too hot, and we need it for the championship. However, a road going version is being produced as we write this, and for $45,600 you can get as close as we can legally sell you.


Entries closed



Ares Racng has just held a press conference, following a rather unfortunate incident for the team. Interim manager Bert Van Dijk addressed reporters in a hastily-called meeting.

“Ares Racing is officially terminating its association with Donald Mapstora. In the early hours of the day after the pre-season testing, Donald was apprehended by police following a motor vehicle incident. While he was unhurt, his company car was totaled after losing control at over two hundred kilometres per hour. It is my understanding that the police are also preparing charges of driving under the influence, although I’ll leave that matter with them. Let me be absolutely clear here, we have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behaviour. We expect our drivers to represent our brand, and this kind of behaviour is just not acceptable. Enoff is enoff, and Donald has been terminated. I would like to introduce our new driver instead, Richard Seaman Junior.” At the announcement of the new driver’s name, various giggles could be heard around the room. They were quickly hushed by Van Dijk. “Richard comes with a proud racing pedigree. He is named for his great-uncle, who died in a tragic incident. Richard Senior was an inspiration for great drivers like Stirling Moss, and we hope his nephew will be every bit as brilliant. Behind the scenes, we have actually modified our car to “Spec 2”, following the pre-season testing. We will provide more details at our livery reveal tomorrow.”



The Orwell EO-96C is Orwell’s entry to the 1996 BRC season. Developed for the sole purpose of racing, the car is powered by a 4.5L, twin turbocharged V8 sending 664 horsepower to the rear wheels. Orwell made sure to use some other racing goodies, like carbon fibre panels and an AHS steel space frame. Other than that, they just got sponsorship with Subbae, which brought in money. The other sponsors brought in money. After testing on Orwell’s own test track, the team isn’t very optimistic about the car. However, it’s their first attempt at racing for over 40 years, so you can’t fault them can you?

Driving the Orwell is Callum Kirkwood, a guy with not much experience in many racing divisions, but is generally pretty good for what he does: racing. With only 2 years of karting and open wheel experience, he has established himself as your average driver. He is aiming to drive in the BRC simply for experience, and he brought in the STD sponsorship. Easy money.

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