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Bridgell Motor Company


Ready for a huge dose of nostalgia? This is the Bridgell Praga, buit by the gasmean arm of Bridgell to fight the recently anounced oil crisis. Since it was developed the cheapest way possible , it’s a tiny and HEAVY lader chassis, solid axle car, barelly moved by its strangled 2 liter I4 on the LS version shown below:

There was also a Turbo version, with a 2.2, obvioulsy turbocharged, and nicer suspension, interior, spoilers and all the chrome accents Painted Black. Still pretty slow. Also: POP UP HEADLIGHS. How cool is that?! Even trough they offer NO performance improvement. But now you have something to fiddle with on red lights.

Go have unfun:

Bridgell Praga - 2.0 LS.car (32.8 KB)
Bridgell Praga - 2.0 Turbo.car (32.9 KB)


I feel like most people bought them in base trim with base paint and not a single upgrade EXCEPT a two speed automatic.


LPE made a performance package for the Deity, in two stages.The Hurricane kit offers a 1900cc engine, with 40’s marine origins, a lightly retuned suspension and new rear end gears. Only exterior feature is a new front badge.

Bridgell Deity - Hurricane Sedan.car

The V8 is a true hooligan, with a 100 hp V8 crammed on the little thing, plus all the upgrades of the Hurricane and a V8 badge on the front.

Bridgell Deity - Sedan V8 by LPE.car

Thanks @Obfuscious for the great cars!


Here’s another model from our lovery british mad folks. In 1997, Bridgell released, under it’s luxury brand, Orchid, the Belmond. It aimed at the selected clients with the most refined taste for luxury, sporting a silky smooth V12 under the bonnet, mated to a even smoother electronically controled gearbox, with AWD, so there’s nothing that can prevent you from reaching anyone’s manor. The back heated seats recline and slide back and forth, and also feature massagers. Most of the conforts from a high class hotel room can be found inside. The cabin is fully soundproof, including electromagnectic/vacuum operated door latches, so all the moments inside it can be lived in absolute silence. A high tech, fully adaptative suspension guarantees the smoothest ride possible, and to top it off, you can take your designer trimmed fur children with you, on a practical and luxurious compartment on the rear. The production was limited to 100 vehicles a year, and all the colours and textures inside and outside were fully customizable. It’s trully how peak land travelling looks and feels like. The model lasted untill 2007, when a new, even more luxurious and confortable sucessor was released. 897 units of this rare pearl were made, and most of them are still selling in auctions for about the same, or even more than the 200.000,00 G$ they were worth new.

Orchid_Belmond_-_Station_Wagon.car (37.2 KB)


Recently I’ve set out to remade one of my first cars, and the first Bridgell car I’ve designed. The 1997 Bridgell Cammommilla. Now less unsightly and with actual specs! It’s packing a 83 hp 1.4 engine, mated to a 5 speed transmission. Pretty basic stuff but it’s a 995 kg car, so it doesn’t need much to get you around town. Also the upper rear window is not an actual window like that other car, it’s a black painted piece. You’re not that fancy. Of course, it was based on that first small modern car from that upper class manufacturer that was a massive flop, so don’t expect much more than that here.

Bridgell_Cammommilla_-_1_4.car (44.5 KB)