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Brighton Motors & Argus


Thanks! It’s good to be back. 3 years went so fast.

Yes, Austin Healey indeed. I do like those little roadsters! Although, I suspect the real world Healy is even smaller than my Tempest.

Thanks for checking out my thread!


Just realised I probably should post the engine dyno results. The original experimental version of this engine was designed to be a tame, torquey mill. Most of the changes to the production version revolved around tuning it to be more suited to a sports car.


Full “release” coming soon.


Release. I hope you all enjoy.
Please excuse the crazy thumbnail. Just click it a few times to get it to come up to the right size and aspect ratio.

If you took the time, thanks for reading. I’ll post images from Automation providing full stats later. An interesting note here is that the dyno readout says 183hp, yet the summary information says 208hp. Is this a bug, or is this like a hp vs bhp vs ps thing?



HP @ Wheels vs HP @ Crank.


Thanks. I did wonder if this might have been the case, but the engine is attached directly to the dyno, so it really should read crank power anyway. It’s not being tested though the wheels of a car. Whatever the case, I think it’s probably worth the devs putting something in the summary info to specify.

I’m Australian, so I normally run everything in metric settings. For the purpose of this “1960s” publication, I thought I’d change it back to imperial. That was when I noticed the power difference for the first time. Not saying it’s not there in the metric system, I’ve just never noticed it prior to this.


1960 Argus Tempest Super 8 summary page. I put a pic of the car in the centre to fill the blank space.

Performance summary