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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


Congratulations to all who participated and thank you very much to @Der_Bayer I’ve really enjoyed this, cracking job fella. I’ll be honest, I thought I was going to do better and I was surprised by the top 3 or even 5 leaders. I couldn’t believe I was dragging around at the back and even getting lapped at the end. I’d love to see some of your car set ups to learn a bit from them. I’d even be happy to let you guys take a look at my car to see where I went wrong in my set up. If I could have shaved 10 seconds off I’d of been happier, but honestly, the taking part alone was an experience and one I really enjoyed.

Once again, thanks to @Der_Bayer and the commentators and everyone who took part, I really look forward to the next one.


I’d be happy to help you with any technical or design questions on the Official Automation Discord if you want to.

Thanks to @CorsicaUnknown and @Ryan93 to give me an opportunity to tune a race car, I’ve had a lot of fun creating the livery for it and making it ready for the race. Unfortunately lady luck wasn’t on our side and a few safe plays in the engineering means we lacked a bit of power to keep up with the no. 1.

Also Thanks to Der Bayer for hosting this, Had I known this would turn into a Racing competition, I would’ve tried to squeeze in a Makina Corus Sedan.

Looking forward to the 1970 BRC 24h Endurance Challenge, with just a few hours to go for the Homologation deadline, there’s already a record amount of participants by the looks of it.


I agree with you on this one, but I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that I did so well in the second stage. Sadly my lack of knowledge in setting up race cars held me back in the final stage, but this whole contest was as enjoyable as I had expected.