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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


The Lada Priora is a buggy body, where it has practically an unlimited top speed (which can be solved with some gearing tuning and speed limiters) so that needs to be watched out for.


It’s a family car with a chin spoiler and rear aero!

Yes, you’re right! Specifically the Brantan Roundhead 4x4 Turbo 4dr Concept!

Ignoring the ridiculously long name…
This is a serious bit of kit, with AWD, a Turbo and some schporty aero gear…

It is a joint build between Dutch company, Aanholt, and British company, Brantan.
And it looks nothing like a Vectra for once!

The Aanholt

It’s an older build of a lower trim… don’t hate me for it…


Which one is the Lada Priora body? Is it partarios Russian Compact or something else? Best would be to point me to the Steam Workshop page of the mod.


The one I’m using is that one, so I know the gearing issues…
I think it is, but don’t quote me. If I can get the link I’ll edit this with it.

Yes, yes it was.


Yeah, that body has severe issues (resulting in almost no frontal area which is used for drag calculations) and is thus not allowed. I’ll update the OP accordingly. Thanks for letting me know even though you built a car based on it.

Sorry that I have to bin your entry, but of course you can built another car and send it in.


Trident Enigma MK5 2.0 SE Turbo EFI
Anticipated Production date : Early 1994
BHP : 150bhp
Top Speed : 145 MPH
Average MPG : 45 MPG (UK)
Other info : soon


Though many people in Europe believe it should be spelled “Armour,” Armor Motors is so spelled because it was the last name of its founder, Frederick Armor.

Behold the Armor Valencia Concept for 1993:


It’s Another Family Car With Chin Spoilers And Rear Aero!

Yes the body being banned has highly influenced this sudden change!

This time it has more Powahhhhhhh!
And some better rear lights which you totally saw in the first place

The Aanholt

Oh wait there is none anymore…

Get Jebaited!


Is the first round purely being judged on looks with engine, gearbox, suspension, brake etc specs and tuning being ignored? Or are some specs and tuning being taken into account for the first round?


Only visuals in the first round, judged by the community.


I know it doesn’t look it but there’s actually a car in these pictures.


“I don’t get it, Stan. We are shipping this car to the autoshow?” Dave asked. “Sure we are” - “But it’s supposed to be a wonky four door that people get in to drive their kids to school and groceries and what not, not some bright yellow performance coupe…” Stan looks again at the holiday concept, chuckles and says “It’s a concept to draw people in. They are not shopping for a new four door in some color that hides dust next weekend, these people are auto enthusiasts that are out to have a good time and look at cars. Today is not a sales day. If the people react, we can stamp it into something more practical and paint it something less canary.”


1993 Bradford XM-1 Proto

Let's get this bread


A new kind of family mover is on the way.

The Valiant Spacester


Deadline in 4 days

Hey guys, just a quick update: I have received 9 cars so far:

I know a few more are in the works - you have 4 more days until the submission deadline (Friday, 17th, 6 a.m. CEST) I need your .car file PM’ed to me until then - an ad will not be enough, even though it’s only about the visuals in Part I.

Part II and Part III cannot be entered without entering Part I. So keep the cars coming :slight_smile:



I think with Export you mean the .car file and not the beam file right?

I know, sounds kinda stupid, but you know. Just to keep stuff clear


Yeah, the .car export. Thanks for the hint. I’ll edit the previous post accordingly.



1993 MAD Gazelle 3.0 SE


The totaly not cribing a Mk1 Mondeo Si

The 1993 Pulsar S2650, with a planed launch for 4 trim levels with the top Trim being an entry level Luxury Sports car.

As Pictured, the S2650 VF