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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


“The number 1 choice for murderers”

Based on the C02 platform of the Beat hatchback, the all-new 1993 Kadett Dash sedan combines fuel-efficiency and nothing else into a compact, and ä̱̗̹̓t̛̲̜͆̿́t̵̗̳̼̲̱͋̊̂͛̇ͦ̈͠͝ȑ̬̜̙̰̦̤̳̮̟̿̎ͦ̚a͖̩ͫ̐ͫ͝͝͡c̬̮̖͓̮͐ͩ͋́ͅt̫̹͋̄̄ͦͤ̀ͅį̫͕͇̍̓̄̀v̱̹͓̣̞̖̱̱ͤ͆̕͘ẻ̸̳̪͖̻ͭ̎̉̍ͨ̄̈̕͝ package.

Engineered by @Ryan93, Designed by a man.

Some pics


The Deadline is approaching

2 days and 7 hourse are left to submit your cars - there are a few ads in this thread where I did not yet receive the .car file. Just to make sure that nobody is lost. Keep the cars coming! :slight_smile:


Finally a Deer And Hunt just for Europe!


1993 Kimura Modern Sports Coupe (MSC) Concept

The second-generation 1986 Kimura Auriga was beginning to get old in the tooth by the mid-90s in spite of international acclaim. After only one overhaul in 1991, it was clear that a new model would need to be shipped out soon. The Kimura MSC Concept hoped to capitalize on the new sports cars that the company rolled out a few years prior whilst also previewing the next-generation Auriga - when the vehicle was revealed at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show, Kimura claimed that the production version would maintain “at least 75-80% of the concept’s DNA.” A sleek, innovative design was completely new for the vehicle and signaled a new visual language for the Japanese company.



1993 Turból j400

The first Turból designed from the ground up to compete globally in the burgeoning Compact Executive segment, Turból set their sights squarely on competing with the E36 BMW 3-series with the j400. The first j400s, shown in Europe in 1993, featured an aggressive body kit with large, integrated dual exhaust and 17" wheels.


Deadline in 23 hours

Tomorrow we’ll move on to Part II - send in your car within 23 hours if you want to be part of that! We’re at 18 cars so far, looking good!


1993 Morton Koru

Baltazar Andromeda 2.6i Concept

For the 1993 motorshow at London, Baltazar has decided to showcase a view of next-years new generation saloon, the Andromeda. The car is still a concept for now, however it previews the potential look for a new midsize saloon to replace the Basil.

Built on an all-new platform, the Andromeda features all-independent suspension on the four corners, for perfect wheel control, leading to a better driving experience and ride comfort. The body is made of lightweight materials for certain panels, to improve efficiency, including the doors, with a suicide arrangement for the concept. Under the bonnet is Baltazar’s recent 5-cylinder engine, here in 2.6 20-valve form, with 160 hp going to the front wheels through a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

More photos

How to do a concept in the 90s: use fancy, yet very impractical doors


The Yonfi Sanga of 1993

Now with curvy design

and a pitiful 30 mpg engine with suitable 10 sec 0-60

Its a car car


Cossack Motors introduces the

1993 Cossack Zelena 2000

This is what, according to the Cossack’s design team, a car will look like in the year 2000, and showcases the potential design and engineering trends Cossack Motors will follow in the future.

The highlights include

  • All independent suspension
  • Computerized driver position adjustment, capable of remembering up to 4 driver profiles, each consisting of information about the positions of the driver seat, steering wheel and the mirrors
  • A new all-aluminium 5 cylinder engine
  • Speedy, a friendly digital assistant that allows records data from your Cossack onto two floppy discs and allows your computer to analyze it and tell you how you can drive your Cossack safer and more efficiently.



1993 Adenine Cadence


Clarion - Vianta

The designers at Clarion were in for a rough week as the London Motorfair was getting ever closer. Long nights at the pub and even longer days at the design studio have paid off though. Clarion proudly presents the Vianta, targeting to make up for the past aesthetic and technical problems with the last generation’s car and catapulting it to the top of the market!

We also hired a new photographer, he says he’s using a Nikon LCV4.1, we have no clue what that means.

RCM Atlantic Royal Saloon

Royal Canadian Motors is proud to present the Atlantic Royal Saloon show car to the British public. This car serves as a preview of our new large family car making its way across the pond. The changes will go beyond moving the steering wheel: expect the new Atlantic to feature stylistic changes to better cater it to buyer sensibilities, as well as different equipment levels to make sure the car is suited to British roads.



Deadline for Part I has passed!

… aaand were done! Quite a few nice entries, thanks for joining! We have 28 cars in total waiting to be prepared for production. So take a look at Part II please (rules are in OP, too).

I’ll send the private poll for Part I to you in a PM in a few minutes.

British Rivals: Comeback

Part II: The Moneymaker

With the response from the public in the bag it is now time to finalize the new car for the masses! Find a good balance between the car’s capabilities, practicality and cost. Should it be on the cheap, sporty or prestigious side? It’s your choice. The public will decide about your success in the end. Make sure to stay within the development time frame!

Car Restrictions

  • must use the same car model family from Part I.
  • trim year: 1994
  • car length: at least 4.20 m (as shown in the final “Design” tab)
  • max. engineering time: 100 months
  • you may make changes to the chassis tab (compared to Part I) before creating the trim for Part II, but keep the model year as it was.

Engine Restrictions

  • max. 6 cylinders
  • smallest possible engine capacity (by using the sliders in the “Bottom End” tab) <= 2000 cc*
  • recommendation for future Part III: engine family capacity at least 1950 cc (This means it must be possible to create engines smaller than 2000 cc and it should be possible to create engines larger than 1950 cc with the engine family you are using. You may use smaller or larger engine variants this round, this is up to you.)
  • Fuel: 95 RON
  • catalytic converter required
  • max. engineering time: 100 months

Please let me know if there are concerns/questions about the rules.


The following steps need to be done to complete the Part II submission:

  • you must have participated in Part I
  • send in a complete vote for the Part I design poll, as sent to you in a PM
  • send your exported car file for Part II to me with the following naming convention:
    Model name: Rivals - “your name”
    Trim name: “car name”
  • enter your car stats correctly here:
    Google Spreadsheet
    This document will be the basis for your judging and you will decide which stats are important to you. I will lock your column once I have received the .car file and check the numbers.
    Please let me know if something seems to be wrong with the spreadsheet!
  • (optional, but recommended) post an advertisement (single image) in the challenge thread to gain awareness and also add it to the Google Spreadsheet


The Judging will be done with a poll again - you choose your favourites in a private poll and are not allowed to vote for your own car.

DEADLINE (Part II): 27th of July 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST

DEADLINE (Part III): 7th of August 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST


But it looks exactly the same!

Are You Sure About That?

There’s a tweaked front end, a new exhaust, and a new spoiler, along with some 16 inch alloys.


Bonchon Odenom

Best thing from Korea.


Enigma V By Trident.
Exactly the sodding same to look at as the concept car
Different engine tho


MAD Gazelle 2.2 LX

A cheaper entry-level variant powered by a 120-horsepower 2.2L I4.


FM Horizon 2.2

New lights. new front and rear valances.