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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


1994 Kimura Auriga

Taking after the 1993 MSC Concept, the production 3rd-generation Auriga was unveiled less than half a year later. The taut new style highlighted the changes made the the Auriga, along with a new suspension setup and upscale interior. The engines were carried over from the previous model with changes made to keep them up-to-date with modern emissions regulations.



Might be a little late for concerns about the rules but I just didn’t have the time to work on my car before this. So, that 100 ET…? I seemingly can’t use any lore engine here, are we stuck using full iron SOHC lumps? Or ancient American pushrod V6s? I can fairly reasonably get down to maybe 110 ET but I can’t go any lower without making a whole new engine just for this. Were the engines in regular UK cars just much worse than I expected for the mid 90s?


Yeah it’s a little late to talk about the rules now, 2 days before the deadline :slight_smile: I thought it was quite alright what you can do with the budget, at least you should be able to build somewhat modern inline 4 engines or moderately advanced 5 or 6 cylinder engines. I don’t know exactly what your expectations are and would you would have liked to send in. You might have to cut a few corners here and sacrifice some lore, I’m afraid, but I cannot increase the limit now with so many entries already sent in.


I was able to make a 2.2L DOHC 16v I4 for Part II that required less than 100 ET. Granted, it was an all-iron unit, but it still had variable intake valve timing.


Saturday will be my first day off, I’ll get it in.



1994 RCM Atlantic V6

After a year of waiting, British customers can now purchase the RCM Atlantic!

Baltazar Andromeda 2.0i EX

After the concept was presented in the 1993 London Motorshow, here is the final version of the brand-new Baltazar Andromeda.

From the concept to the production version little has changed, only the doors were made more practical and the proportions of the cabin and front and rear end styling were adjusted for a more elegant look.

Built on an all-new platform, the Andromeda features all-independent suspension on the four corners, for perfect wheel control, leading to a better driving experience and ride comfort. The body is made of lightweight materials for certain panels, to improve efficiency.

Under the bonnet is an homologation-spec of Baltazar’s recent 5-cylinder engine, engineered with tGroup A and Super Touring regulations in mind, with the 2.0 20-valve inline 5 producing 143 hp and featuring VVL technology. Power is sent to the front wheels through a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

More photos


1994 Bradford Alima G2

Also known as Project XM-1 Finale

More angles


Deadline for Part II in 24 hours

Hey guys, we are almost complete - but whoever does not supply the .car file for Part II to me is out and will not be considered in Part III!

Currently I have received 26 of 28 entries for Part II (edited at 6:37 p.m.). Still missing:

The results of the Part I design poll will be published tomorrow.








Part II Deadline has passed

Hey guys,

the deadline for Part II has passed and we have lost only one player on the way, 27 of 28 are still on board! I am preparing the next voting round and the rules for Part III, I’ll post those probably within the next 12 hours. For now, I’ll leave this crappy teaser video here:



British Rivals: Comeback… BRC… Comeback…


Part I - The Eyecatcher - Results

As promised, I publish the Part I results today. Pretty unambiguous result I would say :slight_smile:

Please note that one 5-star rating for each player is not counted (the vote for yourself), even though shown as a vote in the table. One player (WelcometoCostcoILU) is out of the challenge, due to not voting and not providing a car for Part II.


I demand a recount because I’m not last! :rofl: