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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


Oh dear, I don’t think my class leading interior volume is going to help now




I’m like Crystal Palace, mid table.


British Rivals: Comeback

Part III: The Race Winner

All your major competitors are trying to boost their sales by being successful in the very popular British Touring Car Championship - so it’s a must for you to join as well! Build a Super Touring Homologation Special and prepare it for the races.

Car Restrictions

  • must be built as new trim of car model from Part II (i.e. no changes to chassis tab and body family)
  • trim year 1994
  • at least 4 doors
  • car length 4.20 m or more
  • 2wd only (RWD and FWD is allowed)
  • no automatic gearbox
  • tires: Semi Slicks Q0, max width 225 mm, diameter 650 mm or smaller; profile at least 50 or higher
  • please do not morph the wheel arches wider than the original car design - except if it is absolutely necessary to house the 225 mm tires
  • aero quality: 0
  • no active aero, no cooling flaps
  • sum of downforce front+rear (from test track tab): <= 100.0 kg
  • no ABS/ESP
  • only passive suspension parts (only top two rows of springs and damper choices)
  • car weight at least: FWD 975kg; RWD 1025kg. Go wild with negative safety and body quality to get close to this mark.
  • engineering time: 90.0 or less
  • 1 seat is enough
  • it is encouraged to keep the basics of the original car design from part II
  • race car liveries are encouraged

Engine rules

  • must be built on same engine family as part II, with the exception of the following rule:
  • you are allowed to clone the engine family and switch the head type/valve count to 4 valve DOHC. The rest of the family must stay the same. If you already have 5 valves from the previous round, you may keep them. You are allowed to switch to 4 valves if it makes life easier for you.
  • engine variant year: 1994
  • engine size: 2000 cc or smaller
  • no titanium parts
  • no VVT/VVL
  • must be naturally aspirated
  • rev limiter: max. 8500 rpm
  • Fuel 100 RON
  • loudness <= 80
  • catalytic converter required
  • engineering time: 115.0 or less
  • recommended reliability: > ~30 (engine failures might still happen above that - you’re just reducing the chances for that to happen)


Your car’s score will be determined by its performance in the BRC race simulation compared to the other cars on the following tracks:

  • Thruxton
  • Brands Hatch Indy
  • Snetterton
  • Oulton park international
  • Knockhill
  • Donington park GP

Download for testing here: British Touring Car Track Pack

Race Format

  • Race length 2x50 km (no pit stops required)
  • top 10 cars of race 1 will start with reverse grid in race 2
  • Success ballast adjustment after each race, based on last race performance (1/3) and current championship position (2/3). Weight penalty up to 9% of total car weight.

Hint for the old farts experienced BRC players: Tyre wear has been reduced (factor 0.5) compared to previous challenges.


Send your exported car file to me with the following naming convention:

Model name: Rivals - “your name”
Trim name: “car name”

Please add your name next to your preferred car number in this list: Google Spreadsheet

Don’t forget to also put it onto your car (although it is not mandatory to do so).

DEADLINE (Part III): 13th of August 2020, 06:00 a.m. CEST


Just to clear it up, the cars are the race variants, and not the road variants, a super tourer rather than a super touring, if you like (The Vectra reference there lol)


Yes, we are racing - we need the race variants. Inspiration:


More wheels off the ground, more better

Also, that hurts.
Wonder how long it will take for me and @NormanVauxhall to explode our engines tho :thinking:


I think that part of the code is still there :wink:


Iramitsu’s engineers were already suspecting something like that, so a Shōri VSR version of the Koi is already under development, ready to show how much boring but good engineered cars can be dominant

Iramitsu Jidōsha, Building the future, one step at a time


WHY is this a specification.


Super Touring specification.


If I have MS/STA on the road car then does this mean I can’t DW/ML the race car?


I don’t know exactly what you mean with the abbreviations, but I guess it is about the suspension choices in the chassis tab. If yes, then yes, they must stay the same, as you are just building a new trim of the model.

The sentence you quoted is about the visual design - it would be nice if the cars look like the cars from Part II (maybe with a different body variant choice if you want).


can we at least be allowed to change from SOHC 4V to DOHC 4V please @Der_Bayer


Sorry, I was referring to the suspension.

No problem, I’ll work with what I have… :slight_smile:


Titanium conrods are not available in the sandbox by 1994, but billet steel cranks are, so this restriction should be extended to outlaw anything that requires a CNC shop.


Yeah I missed the titanium stuff. Billet steel does not really give a substantial advantage - no reason to ban it.


Franklin Marshall would like to unveil their 1994 entry for the BRC.

The FM Horizon.

LOL- Just realised my name is only on one side of this!!!


If you think you have tremendous issues to get power up, please send a preliminary version of your car so I can take a look. In case a balancing update is necessary for the rules, I’d like to do that sooner rather than later.


On that occasion I’d like to offer my engine tuning services to anyone interested :slight_smile: