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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


I already got the first entry and played around myself - I think we need to allow DOHC-4 for everybody for balancing reasons. This will produce better races in the end.

Rules will be changed accordingly in a few seconds!




Behold, the 1994 Iramitsu Koi Shōri VSR

Thanks to the help of Shōri Performance, we’ve turned the ordinary into extraordinary.


My chassis setup is not letting me get down to an et of 90 with everything set at -15 and the lowest options (3 spd man, drum brakes etc).


It’s easily possible - did you reduce your safety package? I tried it with your car: Basic safety, reduced quality (-8), manual gearbox, no power steering, basic interior, no cassette radio -> ET 90.0.

With 1 seat, negative body quality and more negative safety quality you can get closer to minimum weight - although I face some struggles there. Definitely take a look into making the engine lighter by spending less weight on exhaust and bottom end. As you have a very heavy engine, you might also need to switch to Long. FWD instead of RWD, that’ll save you around 50 kilos.


You know, I had the game crash on me earlier. When I reopened the model, it is now at 83.


Are staggared tyres allowed (different width on fron and rear)


@Der_Bayer - Final, I hope, question from me. Does the BRC calculator use the wheelspin value in its calculations?

I’ve found that if you have a 0-60 of, for example, 7 seconds and tune up to get 6.8s then you actually lose lap time because of, I presume, wheelspin. I have gearing set for optimum laptime but a slower 0-60.


Is this rule still valid with the new switch to DOHC 4-valve?

I feel that engines with more than 4 cylinders will be heavily penalized by this.
For example, just switching my inline 5 to DOHC already put me above 115 and once I added the race components (better exhausts, injection and intake) I have 118 ET with no quality on any of the tabs.


Yes, no problem, go for it if it helps.

The simulation calculates for each step if the engine is making more power than the wheels can transfer to the ground, so it basically does the same as you see in the in-game acceleration graph. So if there would be wheelspin, the throttle input is reduced.
In general it does make sense to gear your car for the flying laps, even though you might lose a bit of time at the start of the race and out of the very slow corners.

Yes, still valid - you should be able to get below the 115 with negative fuel system quality, without sacrificing a significant amount of power.


If it wasn’t for the sudden appearence of the youtube video I wouldn’t have known about this.

Pity I can’t build a car now but oh, well.

Looking forward to see how the new race plays out.


Bit too much kerb…won’t be showing the aftermath…but this looks good!


I’m not the best with liveries, okay?

Colour scheme based on the Nescafe Renault Lagunas

Also the fuel cap stopped me putting any decals on the rear wing/fender



1994 Hirochi Exatima TC-1 Estate

Equipped with a 2.0L DOHC I4 and lots of sponsors....


“1 seat is enough” Is in the rules but i need 2 seats for the FWD 975kg Limit, is this fine ? Its not a hard rule right?


Yeah, go ahead with 2 seats. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just a hint that you don’t need more than that.


Deadline postponed a little bit

Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to let you know that due to a change in my vacation schedule, I am postponing the deadline for Part III by 3 days - new deadline is August 10, 6 a.m. CEST. This gives you another weekend to tune and design your race trims.

I’ll be a bit less responsive and will not be able to process/check cars in the meantime. Just to let you know.




GullRay DS20 BRC promo video