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British Rivals: Comeback [END]


Tridnet Enigma MKV Race edition.

Proving once and for all that the stylists have no imagination nor sense of fun, excitement or showmanship…
its got new engineering tho… so yay?


Sorry for the subpar livery…

1994 Armor Valencia Touring Car


DOHC Question. I have a B6 and the difference in engineering times between a 4 valve OHC and DOHC is the difference between running injection and carburettors. I can’t find a way to make up the 90 HP. Can we use a 4 valve OHC instead of the DOHC? I am assuming that since I (probably more) already submitted a race version early before this rule change that we get a do over?


It’s fine if you want to use OHC rather than DOHC. And of course you can send in another revision if you submitted before the rule change.


Dave: This is the road car that is built because of a race car based on a wagon that was built from a sports car?
Stan: Yes. That yellow thing was a concept, but I know there is a SuperGT version coming soon.
Dave:We built an awfully big car for this type of racing…
Stan: The engineers were hoping for a larger engine displacement than what the league specified.
Dave: So how has that worked itself out?
Stan: Who knows, one thing is for sure - this Holiday SS version does eat up the pavement.
Dave: Someone said it is faster than the BRC racer…
Stan: It is, if you are on the open highway, but the BRC car is still the race car.
Dave: So why is the racer called the BRC LP1?
Stan: Design flipped a coin. It means “Lead Position” or “Last Place” depending on the competition…



Part II - The Moneymaker - Results

Here are the results of Part II - again a quite impressive winner!

Please let me know if you want to volunteer to take the leading team out of the race at the first corner :wink:


Not too shabby in these standings for part 2…


How do you get -1 point?


By missing the deadline and being eliminated from the challenge.


I’m actually impressed that someone actually voted for my car… Still, better than -1


I lost last place by a technicality? Boo.


Baltazar Andromeda BRC

Here’s a racing car to continue the stream of mediocrity thus far.

Hoping for a few solid point finishes and no reliability issues this season, and not much more.

Not a fast racing car, not a great road car, not a pretty car. At least it’s got Jack Rabbit sponsorship.


Turból Dealer Team UK #48 Turból j400


Part III status and deadline update

The deadline was planned to be tomorrow, in 22 hours but so far I have only received 13 of 27 entries. I estimate that many people won’t be able to submit in time. I don’t want to postpone the deadline too far, so I will just see how many cars I get until the deadline and most likely give a short deadline extension (2-3 days).

I’ll compile a list of the already received cars later and will ping everybody who has not yet sent the race car.


3 days would be great.


I’m lazy…


Part III entry status & deadline update

As promised, here’s the update on the received cars:

I have received:

I have not yet received:

Please let me know if you have already submitted and I missed your car.

Because I doubt that I will receive most of the missing cars within the next 12 hours, the deadline will be postponed by three days. It will not be postponed after that.

NEW DEADLINE: August 13, 6:00 a.m. CEST


Dave: So what was the point of putting all of the models out here on the lawn?
Stan: The people who worked on all of these are proud of what they created, and are having an open house.
Dave: Boy, who ever called it, called it. So far I heard the only reason we are not in a solid last place was because someone else gave up.
Stan: We are just going to have to see how these races turn out.
Dave: What is the other race car? The coupe with the big wing.
Stan: That is a GT prototype. The crew got together and designed another class for this race.
Dave: Why did they do that?
Stan: Who knows, they probably don’t have anything better to do…
Dave: Did they make any specifications for these cars?
Stan: Yes they did…
GT Prototype Class
Engine: Same variant as BRC Build, open class displacement.
Max ET 125
Catalytic Converter required
Loudness under 80
Car: Coupe version preferred, but not necessary. Body flaring acceptable.
Minimum Safety 50
2 Sport Seats
Comfort has to be a positive value (.1 is minimum acceptable) car on display is 1.3
Max ET 125
Anything not covered by the rules is fair game.
Same race format as the BRC.


Dodos HQ, somewhere in 1994

[Lary] ~ So chief, are we accepting the deal from Daimond?
[Mark aka. chief] ~ Daim… Dai-who?
[Lary] ~ That sketchy gambling thing.
[Mark] ~ Ah, yes. They want us to race with that black-cyan livery, right?
[Lary] ~ Exactly.
[Mark] ~ Why can’t we be like everyone else and make our own livery instead?
[Lary] ~ You have a better design?
[Mark] ~ Not at the moment.
[Lary] ~ Yeah… We’re racing soon…
[Mark] ~ Alright, Dai-thing it is.