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Bronck's Engineering


I’ve been updating the stats on my previous posts to coincide with the latest updates regarding markets and vehicle cost.

I’ve made revisions to a lot of my 70’s models and have a broad lineup of 80’s cars coming soon… here’s a teaser of what’s to come!


Chapter 2.5: Born to Race, or '72-'78

  • 1972: Taipan GTS models are being adopted by many private race teams in FIA Group 2 events; Bronx Engineering Auto-Sport Tecnica (B.E.A.S.T.) is established as a subsidiary of Bronx Engineering Motor Company for the purpose of researching and developing technological advancements through motorsport applications. They begin developing a pure sports car.

  • 1973: The B.E.M.W. Mamba GT S24i is created for FIA Group 3 homologation. 1,000 units are produced each year, it is ineligible for participation in the World Sportscar Championship due to releasing late in the year and not selling enough units. Bronx Engineering enters a factory-backed team with 2 Taipan GTS’s in Group 2.

  • 1974: The factory-backed private team enters two Taipan GTS’s for Group 2 and the BEAST Race Team enters two Mamba GT’s for Group 3 in the FIA World Sportscar Championship. The Group 2 effort ends the season 3rd in points for a second year; technical troubles plagued the Group 3 cars with retirements all season.

  • 1975: A repeat of the previous year, although this time around the Mamba race cars managed to finish every race.

  • 1976: The Mamba GT’s are pulled out of Group 3 and replaced with the Taipan GTS S18ti’s for the next two seasons. The factory BEAST Race team managed podium finishes in the 24H of Daytona and 1000KM of Zeltweg that year.

  • 1977: The BEAST Race Team finished best in-class at the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen in a Taipan GTS S18ti. The car was retired as the team prepared to tackle Group 4 the following year in a brand new monster.

  • 1978: Bronx Engineering released two very different vehicles for FIA Group 3 and 4 homologation. The Taipan GTR (2,000 units) would see duty in Group 3, and the Mamba GTO (500 units) was the designated weapon for Group 4. The GTR would see great success in its first year, trading blows with Porsche and BMW for WSC dominance the next two years.

  • 1979: The Mamba GTO wasn’t very successful on the track but the project served as an expensive lesson in development for the Bronx Motor Company. The Taipan GTR went on to have a successful racing season.

Mamba GT S24i: The car featured a 2.4L Queens engine developed especially by B.E. Auto-Sport Tecnica for high performance. Despite being a 4-cylinder, it still made 180hp and made a gnarly sound.

RECEPTION: The car was rather handsome and not as outrageous as other mid-engine vehicles of the time. It was very lightweight and surprisingly comfortable for daily use. 7,000 units made.

Market Details:


  • Sport: 165/80%
  • Convertible Sport: 110/89%
  • Sport Budget: 107/44%
  • Muscle 103/71%
  • Muscle Premium: 89/96%
  • Super: 84/99%

B.E.M.W. - 412 - Mamba GT S24i (1973).car (27.7 KB)

Mamba GTO S24ti: Sporting the Q25C, this 350hp rocket hoped to conquer hearts and tracks, but…

RECEPTION: The GTO didn’t live up to its expectations. It was unstable at high speeds and prone to other handling ailments. Despite these flaws and it failing to perform well on the FIA circuit, the car was still loved by the few who owned them as they were very fun vehicles on the street… albeit dangerous. 500 units.

Market Details:


  • Sport: 160/60%
  • Super: 131/98%
  • Hyper: 106/96%
  • Muscle Premium: 100/91%
  • Muscle: 97/50%
  • Convertible Sport: 95/72%
  • GT: 95/93%
  • Convertible Super: 90/93%
  • Sport Budget: 82/28%

B.E.M.W. - 412 - Mamba GTO S24ti (1978).car (26.6 KB)


Hello there, again!

Just a heads up to those who follow this thread. I have updated all vehicle’s market details for the current version of the game as well as reorganized the OP information. In addition, I have reordered some of the entries to be in clearer chronological order.

This is a good time to announce how I will be moving forward with this Car Company thread:

  • My following car post will be the Carroserie D’Avant Fantome Mk.II. First the base model, then a Luxury and Group 3 trim (1975 and 1978’s). I’m really excited to share the Fantome Mk.II and its trims with you guys, as I’ve been really into it for some time and there are a lot of versions! But…
  • The next reveal will be another very special project, the Silverstone DS6 for 1979, and that will close out the 70’s and Chapter 2 in the B.E. story.
  • Beginning in Chapter 3, all entries will be in annual chronological order and the posts will feature engines and vehicles released in the titular year (various models per post as opposed to multiple trims/model years of one model per post).