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Brooklands Motorsport PLC


Brooklands stands for Speed. A testament to the bravest drivers attacking the first true racing circuit, and such carries a huge legacy. That is why we wear that name with pride. We carry this name as a legacy to our own racing prowess, and our greatest moments written into the diaries of history.

Founded in 1949, we have been pushing the boundaries of speed ever since our inception. Business Entrepreneur Edward Hampden set his sights on racing in sports cars, buying a workshop in Essex near to former Brooklands circuit. The place was now being used by an aircraft manufacturer, but using his wit and skill, he crafted a deal to use the remains of the circuit as a testing ground for his cars. With the track now retired as a race course, Hampden took the name to carry on it’s racing legacy.

The first car to be produced was a masterpiece of engineering. Whilst it didn’t take the Mille Miglia first time out, in 1952 after a second attempt, Edward Hampden won the legendary race. This was the last Mille Miglia before the event became part of the World Sports Car Championship, and so the name Brooklands was etched into history once more.

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