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Budget bash


1956 Wentworth Womble

2nd generation coupe with a secret that’ll shock the purists!

Ten years (and about 40k units) after the first Wentworth Womble hit the road, the Mk II Womble went on sale. There were a number of changes, chief being updated styling, but there were two shocks in store for the Womble enthusiast. The first was changing production from a ladder frame to a monocoque frame, which reduced weight and material costs, and the second, which proved to be very controversial, was a switch to longitudinal front wheel drive!

But the Mk II was easier to drive and sportier than its predecessor so, for every die hard enthusiast lost, Wentworth gained five fresh fans!

So, why do you even care?

Light Sport B - 117

Making budget sports cars is really hard. Not because it’s especially difficult, but because of the hideous mutations you have to spawn! :scream::space_invader::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Budget Bash II 1956 - Wentworth Womble Mk II.car (20.9 KB)


1955 SARA 3 - 36L

The best Family utility budget on the market

(preproduction design - final product might slightly vary)

A bit of a preview for my upcoming lore thread update, the SARA 3 in the 36L trim !

Complete characteristics undisclosed yet, but SARA is proud to boast its SARA 3 unprecedented (*) mileage of 30 MPG (us), while offering increased comfort, security and drivability over the SARA Armistice it replaces.

And it’s cheaper, too (by 1$)

(*)Unprecedented for any SARA car

SARA 3 - 36 L.car (20.5 KB)

Utility B 122.6
Fam Util B 134.9
Commuter B 127.4
Family B 120.7
Fun B 126.9
City B 135

And it also manages to reach around 120 in Pass Fleet, and regular (not basic) family Utility, Commuter or City car segments - not to mention being the car you’re looking for if you hope for a City Eco, at more than 140 relative desirability !

Buy Wise, Buy SARA !

SARA, everyone deserves a princess !

This is a (upcoming) lore car, not intended specifically for this challenge.
Though I’m nowt tempted to build a dedicated subcompany for budget cars :slight_smile:
The shameless bragging and autopromotion is also intended to be read in-lore, I’m aware this is not the greatest car ever, by far… :blush:



Released in 1962 with a whopping 155hp, the Oldman Privateer, their second 2 door with sporting aspirations.

  • Sport Budget 107.3
  • Convertible Sport Budget 99.1


1966 Wentworth Womble

Luckily the 3rd gen Womble looks like it goes fast!

For the 3rd generation Womble there was a changing of the guard at Wentworth. Lord Wentworth (yup, he’s of the landed gentry now!) decided to hire a new designer. A young Italian lad by the name of Antonio Sperelli replaced Percival Smith and Robert Barker, an aspiring F1 engineer, replaced Harold Brewer.

The result? A mid-engined buzzbox with multiple carburettors and an enhanced rev-limit! (compared to the Mk I engine)

What’ll it do, mister?

Light Sport B - 104.9

Yup, just scraped this one over the line, but I learnt heaps about min-maxing!

Budget Bash II 1966 - Wentworth Womble Mk III.car (25.0 KB)


Is it the camera angle, is it the wheel size, is it the trims, is it the color ?

I’d buy a 3rd gen Womble. Twice. Just for the looks.

It echoes strongly of the Lotus Europa, with some Dino thrown in to make it look even better.

Now, sure, I doubt it sounds like the Dino while handling like the Europa, but it certainly does look the part


Gets the popcorn and watches the Bogliq and SARA lawyers hash out the impending lawsuit for too-similar taglines



Thi is My car HABICHT 650 producted in East Europe in 1960

HABICHT - 650.car (28.3 KB)


Gets the popcorn and watches the Bogliq and SARA lawyers hash out the impending lawsuit for too-similar taglines

Yeah, I realized I might usubconsciously have thought of the amazing Bogliq cars while writing this … oops.

Worse, I made a mashup between Sophia and Sarah - it is Sophia that means wisdom, not Sarah (which mean princess apparently, but I cannot spin “princess” in any way with those cars)

My apologies to @HighOctaneLove for the unintentionnal plagiarism - excessive focus on finding my checkbook for the Wentworth Womble MkIII distracted me - that punchline won’t be coming back !

edit : punchline edited


I did some experiment out of the lore… Which basically shows that the market competitiveness, as it is, is a bit… unpolished.

The lack of “true” convertible bodies (recognized as such) does not help, but by making some… Well, absurd, actually settings, you can manage some pretty high scores while actually making a worse car.

I aimed at at least two market segments for each car

1950 Sport Basic / Conv Sport B

I was actually aiming at light sport, then realized my setup was much better for higher end, score-wise

Sport Basic 121.8
Conv Sport Basic 141.2

Seems good, no ?

Yes, the 1200cc , I4 DOHC (75 hp) is enough to reach close to 100 mph…
But then who would ride a sports car that needs well over 100 yards to go from 60 mph to 0, has a mediocre 0.8g skidpad figure, and costs over 10 000$ @ 0 markup and requires premium fuel (and 1000$ yearly service costs) ???

Sport - conv B - Trim 8.car (9.7 KB)

1968 Convertible Basic / Premium Basic

I went to 1968 in search of a “true” convertible body - yet there is still the body type penalty apparently

So, premium, Gasmea, sixties… I obviously thought of a V8, but then, as silly as it might be, the V12 brought soooooooo much smoothness you couldn’t make another choice if shooting for score…

A “small” (3729 cc) V12, pushing 129 hp, obviously running on premium

From then on, just put some insanely long automatic, bad brakes, overengineer the cooling airflow, and you get some sort of statistical anomaly

Convertible Basic 157.1
Premium Basic 149.2

But also over 180 as a plain convertible, some 130.4 as a SUV, 120.5 as a commuter car and 110.9 as a City Premium (with a V12 !!! On a 120’ wheelbase !!!) -

Overall it managed to be over 100 competitiveness in 16 market segments while being, basically, an unreliable and somewhat dangerous car

BB Premium - Conv Premium.car (9.9 KB)

I guess this will work much better with actual competitors when LC3 comes, as it is, min-maxing (even with low skills like mine) makes for some fun, but irrational builds :wink:

No images as I didn’t think these deserved working on the fixtures - though I might save the engines for future use



You can directly import the cars :wink:

That’s too much green…


Jonrosh Car Company - Workhourse.car (18.6 KB)

This is awful, but it scores high



This is the Giusseppe G-120. I know it says EXT, but I changed it to the coupe you see in the 2nd picture. This coupe has 2+3 seating, meaning the back seat is like a utility bench (I don’t know if you’ve ever ridden in the back of a CJ5 before). It has a 1203 cc 3 cylinder that produces 41.5 hp and 60 lb ft torque, although being an Italian marque, should post those numbers in metric -G-120 - Coupe.car (15.1 KB)


1976 Wentworth Womble

Don’t judge it too harshly, the 70’s were a special time!

The slightly oversize wedge of the 60’s Womble Mk III inevitably gave way to a new design, introduced in 1976, which was more aerodynamic and more powerful than any Womble before it. The Mk IV introduced turbocharging to the BMC four cylinder which increased power by 50% over the Mk III. The Mk IV also introduced some questionable design elements that haven’t aged well, with chrome conversion kits still available from Wentworth to solve this issue! But the car was quite popular with buyers at the time, who were looking for budget performance rather than cheap thrills. This enabled Wentworth to keep the doors open at their Bedford factory without being absorbed into the behemoth that was Bleurgh-Lameband at the time…

Stats, or it didn’t happen!

Fun B - 133.4
Light Sport B - 121
Pony B - 114.5
Sport B - 108.4
Track B - 107.2
Convertible Sport B - 100.9

This body’s aero is awesome and there’s a contemporary body who’s really close. Small engines need good aero to stay competitive without lots of expenditure!

Budget Bash II 1976 - Wentworth Womble Mk IV.car (25.6 KB)


1949 PMI Polloi Barudion Aero 450

A lore car I had lying around:

Commuter Budget: 153.9
City Budget: 139.8
Utility Budget: 138.1

PMI Polloi - Barudion Aero 450.car (40.7 KB)

(Pictures and explanation coming Monday)


1986 Wentworth Womble

The last of the ‘A’ Series powered Wombles

1986 saw the Mk V Wentworth Womble debut. The venerable ‘A’ Series four had SPFI installed, alongside a larger turbocharger, to produce the most powerful variant in the series. Little did Wentworth know but the, now Roper owned, ‘A’ Series was about to be discontinued. There were enough left over stock to ensure the Mk V could stay in production until the Mk VI was ready but a new powerplant needed to be sourced to supply the engineers ready for the Mk VI.

Also, in 1987, Lord Wentworth passed away. He left the company to his two sons, Basil and Courtney Wentworth, who would have equal shares in the company but Basil would become its new CEO…

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

Track B - 124.9
Light Sport B - 105.3

Budget Bash II 1986 - Wentworth Womble Mk V.car (29.5 KB)

1996 Wentworth Womble

The Mk VI Womble: Every Pizza boy’s wet dream!

Lord Basil Wentworth was able to source a replacement for the ‘A’ series via Flord Europe. Their ‘Kent’ motor they had in their inventory, a pushrod 1.3L four cylinder, was simultaneously lighter and more powerful than the ‘A’ series. Lord Wentworth did a deal to purchase all their remaining ‘Kent’ stock as well as source future power plants from Flord in return for technical help adapting the engines to their new homes.

But was it worth the hassle?

Track B - 126.7
Light Sports B - 118.8

Budget Bash II 1996 - Wentworth Womble Mk VI.car (31.1 KB)

2006 Wentworth Womble

The Mk VII Womble is the first in Wentworth history to ship with an automatic gearbox!

The partnership with Flord proved fruitful. Wentworth was able to afford better engines, powertrains and materials than they ever could working with Bleurgh-Lameband or Roper, while the designers had access to state of the art CAD equipment. The result was that the Mk VII was the quickest, safest and easiest to drive Womble to date and the roadster body design was stylish and loved by the public…

Oooh, I want mine in Bogliq Blue!

Light Sport B - 124.7
Track B - 106.2

Budget Bash II 2006 - Wentworth Womble Mk VII.car (28.1 KB)


1994 Maxon Phoenix SX

Maxon Phoenix - SX.car (21.8 KB)

The Phoenix SX is the base model sports car by Maxon with a 139 hp (radical!) inline 6 and a front wheel drive layout. It seats 4 not so comfortably and has everything you’d expect from a 90’s interior, nothing more. It came with paint schemes and decals designed to age beautifully.


My Light Sport Budget Giannone 850 TV (Turismo Veloce) was produced in Italy in 1966.

Giannone - 850 TV.car (28.5 KB)


Is it just me, or the front looks like a Supra?


It does, its the headlights probably. The body is pretty similar too (oh, and those are supra taillights)