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Budget bash


2012 HUEcar Sportline!


  • Ecomini 850 turbo-S engine: 850cc inline-3 turbo engine with 104hp
  • 0-100 km/h in 8.7 seconds thanks to 7-speed DCT transmission
  • 918 kg
  • 16.5 km/l fuel economy

Fun Budget score: 163.3
(gasmea, 0% markup)

How do I export the .car file to upload here?


2016 Wentworth Womble

The latest, and greatest, Womble to date!

For the 2016 model, Wentworth went Retro-Future and built a small roadster that harked back to their original models while using the latest in materials and powertrain options. The aluminium construction makes the car light, the revised Mazderp 2L four makes the car quick and the Powershit DSG makes the car… Hipster?

Does it come with Skinny Soy Latte holders too?

Light Sport B - 119.3
Track B - 113.7
Convertible Sport B - 101.6

Budget Bash II 2016 - Wentworth Womble.car (24.9 KB)

2018 Antiyita International Motor Show

1946 ALS Marmot

It’ll get you there… Eventually!

During WWII, three brothers served their country faithfully, each serving in a different branch of the US military. At the end of the war the brothers returned home, transformed by war, and formed an abiding love of the lonely places; the mountains, the deserts and the jungles. They couldn’t find a suitable off-road vehicle for their needs among the local manufacturers so they sold their family farm, bought a greenfield plot in a Detroit industrial estate and formed ALS Motors (Air, Land, Sea :grin:). Their first effort was the Marmot, which focussed solely on going off-road and little else…

Cost when new: $650
0 to 100Km/h: 25.1 sec
Top speed: 124Km/h

Offroad score: 67.1
Reliability Score: 66.8

Great, it’s Rocky: The Prequel!

Offroad B - 164.9

Budget Bash III 1946 - ALS Marmot.car (23.1 KB)


The Marmot is damn fast !

Basic and sporty !


1956 ALS Marmot

Efficiency improvements but otherwise unchanged

Ten years later and ALS chose to refresh the Mk I Marmot rather than replace it. The engine gained a high efficiency cast exhaust manifold but the rest was left untouched. Other than the complete removal of the swaybars, the Mk II differed only in materials and safety equipment from the Mk I.

Cost when new: $935
0 to 100Km/h: 23.1 sec
Top Speed: 126Km/h

Offroad score: 70.4
Reliability score: 68.2

Man! 4x4’s are dull!!!

Offroad B - 136.9

Budget Bash III 1946 - ALS Marmot Mk II.car (23.1 KB)


Dusted off my old 1964 Mini, upgraded it a bit, and now I can present to you…

The 1964 Albatross City 1000

This is the best scoring commuter budget car I have ever built, with a score of 187 in Gasmea at 0% markup. As a bonus, it also scores 162.2 in city budget, 166.6 in family budget, 156.3 in family utility budget, and 167.1 in fun budget.

The Albatross City 1000 is powered by a transversely-mounted 1.04-liter OHV Inline 4 making 43 horsepower and 54 lb-ft of torque, coupled to a 3 speed automatic transmission. It features 5 seats, and 4 wheel double wishbone suspension. It’ll do a top speed of 67.5 MPH, and it does 0-62 in 19.6 seconds. It achieves 27.5 MPG fuel economy, and costs $5420 with no markup.

Albatross - City 1000.car (14.4 KB)


1966 ALS Marmot (Mk III)

The 2nd generation Marmot hid a deep, dark, black-ops secret…

By 1966 ALS was well known amongst the Gasmean Defense Force personnel, both current and retired, so when ALS needed a new body, but couldn’t afford to design their own, these connectections caused an aspiring team of professionals, known only as the “G” Team, to raid Archana’s State Automobile Company, SOFA.

Their goal?

Secure the plans for the new prototype, the SOFA 700. This raid, while brilliantly planned and executed, failed to get all the required technical drawings so ALS had to fill in the blanks. The result was a flawed off-roader that wasn’t any good to drive on-road either!

But what of the “G” Team?

In 1972 the “G” Team were sent to prison by a military court for the illegal raid. They then promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Gasmea underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. So, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the “G” Team…

Cost when new: $1,200
0 to 100Km/h: 18.8 sec
Top Speed: 127Km/h

Offroad score: 56.1
Reliability score: 69.5

Really??? Those guys would be, like, in their 70’s now…

Offroad B - 125

Budget Bash III 1966 - ALS Marmot.car (22.8 KB)

(OOC - @nerd, I borrowed some of your unwritten lore! Feel free to confirm, deny or ignore at your pleasure :grin:)

Check out the SOFA thread HERE


Been out of town for the last week, Ill update the score page soon.

Moab was fun, started with the areas everyone knows, then turned it up a notch or 4. Only had minor issues despite over 200 miles of trails some of which were on the hard core level.


TSR Tora RS (Group S rally homoligation car)

This is the TSR Tora, built for Group S rally. It uses an aluminium body and a space-frame chassis made of galvanized steel. It was built in 1987 and when Group S was cancelled, well they still sold it. Only 10 were built. Here’s its score with 0% mark-up.

Track B: 103.9
Did suprisingly well considering it’s built for Group S…
TSR Tora (TR1) - RS.car (28.1 KB)


2001 TSR Kansai RS (3rd Generation)

You may remember this car from CSR71 when this car got no attention (not really, I mean 11 people like the post). Melanie doesn’t want it and ripped off it’s brochure. After all it’s the worst selling Kansai and not true to its GT form. Or maybe the car looks to edgy with the body kit, the wing and and the red paint… I mean, I like how the car looks. But the back is just too simple. Anyways, here’s the car. It’s back.

Here’s how it scores with 0% mark-up…

Sport B: 100.2
Not bad when you consider that this car has 267HP and AWD as standard on the RS trim…
TSR Kansai (KF3) - RS.car (26.0 KB)


It would just have been the Sofa 700, the 600A was called the 600A because there had already been an earlier 600, and Sofa wanted to differentiate the two.


I was trying to make a luxury car for the lore challenge, and it wound up scoring just as well in Premium Budget.

The car itself is not quite ready yet, I’m taking a break. It’ll likely be later tonight.Virgo - Premier.car (30.7 KB)


You forgot mine in the score page:


I haven’t gotten to it yet, should have it later today.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll fix the OP so it more accurately reflects your lore! :star_struck:


Unless you

then things get real exciting real fast.

Otherwise caught up with the scores


1955 SARA 414 TL

Fun Basic 156.7
Pony Basic 142.6
SARA 4 - 414 TL.car (26.6 KB)

It may surpass the 100’s in others, but the wide spectrum of this car, the SARA’s savior, makes it uncertain with the datas I have at hand


19955 SARA 38 S Turni

Fun B 131.3
Pony B 114.8


The automatic and manual versions of the '79 Ardent Sentinel Sport… hit pretty hard in different markets.

Fun Budget - 161.1
Pony Budget - 142.6

Family Budget - 122.1
Commuter Budget - 120.6


So I originally set out to make a fun people’s car, and accidentally spent all night making the ultimate vehicular toy.

Apparently it’s a widebody Kei Minivan.

Sofia - LX.car (17.0 KB)

It has a score of 360.2 for Gasmea for Fun Budget.
I may have spent a bit too much time on this.