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Bug With Pillar/Chassis Colours and Bumpers


Whenever I try and load this car, the pillars and the bumpers keep resetting to red instead of the normal trim colours that I have set up for this car.

Reloading the car only help solve this problem once and then it just stopped working. Changing the bumper and trim colours back does nothing as well, and sometimes it even colours the front bumper red as well.


On the same boat. It’s even worse as new cars also suffer from this, and not just those areas. My rims, trim, etc. all is red.
Also since the last patch, car designer has a whopping ~37 fps, but only sometimes. Either 37ish or 60. On a GTX 1080 and i5 6600k


This is now fixed, will be part of today’s patch. Cheers!


Works! Thanks!
Though I lost EVERY colour I had, even the “stock” ones. Gotta remake. I cri everitim


Nah mate, just load a recent car you have from before the paint system change, go into one of the paint slots and ALL your colors will be there (noted as if they are on the car) and you can save them out as global paints.