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Bugs With Build 1904111910 (OB)


A write up was requested by Daffy, so lets go into some of the problems I have observed.

(These will not be organised in any sort of way, it’s just a list. Majority of Issues are the paint section although more are cropping up as I write this)

Issue number 1 - Paint Organisation
The paint system has changed in this latest patch, however there isn’t a way for paints to be organised. Not too much of a problem, the main issue with the way the paint was put into rows was that it was randomly organised. Certain paints go into the top two rows completely randomly then the rest are just put into rows. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if you could delete these paints and re create them again but because the top two rows (it seems) are bugged so that you cannot delete any of them.
(Edit) You cannot delete paints if they are a preset.

Here is an interesting picture:

The Picture shows a set of paints created, and then numbered in the order they were created in. As you can see, its not in any kind of order at all.

Issue number 2 - The top two rows
These top two rows are quite problematic, the paints are effectively “locked” with no way of deleting them. I have a feeling this is because the paints such as Plastic, Chrome, Steel and Carbon were merged into the players created paints.
I feel like the “preset” versions of these should still exist in a separate row from the rest as they are very useful. A sort of “quick access” if you will.
Having them in the players paint is one thing, having them unorganised in there is another.

Issue Number 3 - What do these “Warnings” mean?
I assumed at first that maybe I wasn’t allowed to paint these items that certain colour, but after experimenting around I actually have no idea what it means, there aren’t any tooltips apart from saying what the thing is going to colour and in the warnings tab there isn’t anything either. So some kind of info there would be nice

(After Further experimenting I found that you can get the main body warning to go away because it doesn’t like being cloth or leather, but the other two slots for wheels and trim don’t go away when changed to something reasonable)

Issue Number 4 - Paint moving around
That’s right, it’s a bit weird too. When selecting a paint it sometimes jumps to the first slot of the top row. Then when you select the next paint it jumps to where the other one was, I’m not sure what this is? Whether it is a half attempted self sort system or a bug it needs to change. It only does it sometimes as I said, I couldn’t replicate it but it happened twice within 30 mins of fiddling with the paint menu things.

Issue Number 5 - Uhmm

This doesn’t need much explanation to what’s wrong I hope?
Car body - BodyEditor_00sHatch-MPV_Thumb
Car file:
4iz7_-_Europa.car (34.4 KB)

The person says it is fixed now, the way they broke it apparently was that they went from photo mode back to the menu to change the rims to something different (didnt look at the car) and then entered photo mode and it was, well. Broken to say the least.

Issue Number 6 - Paint (Again)
Loading a different car gives a different set of paints available, this was an issue that I encountered and it was a little strange. Furthermore when selecting a car with an old paint that the player no longer has (This is after clearing the Cache) it displays the paint in the paint menu, and renames a bunch of paints that you created (if you did already I don’t really know about this one). Then after you go back and go to a different car, the paint from that car is no longer in the paint section.
I should explain this a little better (Edit)
When creating a new car, i was given three paints.
Selecting a previous car i have all the paints that i created before.
Going to a car which has a paint that no longer exists shows the paint in the menu that the car is, but then removes it when you change car.

Issue Number 7 - Menu Selecting
No longer can you jump from say the Gearing menu straight to the end of the engine, you have to click on the family creation area first. Same goes for going out of the engine, although slightly different you have to use the arrows to get out of it into the trim for the car. Just QOL things really.
The above is still true, sort of. The menu keys need to be clicked in a very specific place for it to work, it’s slightly strange so that needs to change back to how it was. (IMO)

Issue Number 8 - More Bodies
This one should be a quick fix, since we have seen this problem before. No limits on the car morphs.
Car name - BodyEditor_70sSupercarC_Thumb
Car Initially:

Car After some (fun) fiddling:

Issue Number 9 - Tooltips
Just another quick one, not sure what this is, but once again it shouldn’t be happening.
(edit) The white writing says - UIGetEnginePlacementFamiliarity

Issue Number 10 - Bodies
While playing the game I found another issue which is the recently added Porsche body (2.5M all variants) has 0 weight in the summary page, despite having a weight in all the pages previous to it.
Car name - 00sSS_Coupe_BP_Thumb

Some theories about paint and stuff -
“The new painting system allows for the creation of presets; paints universally applied to every car using said paint, thus being availble for all cars. Non-preset paints do not have this as they are not carried over to the other cars.
preset: has a floppy disk symbol in the bottom right;
editing it applies to ALL cars using said paint
non-preset: bound to that one trim; won’t transfer to others”

“hm, that sounds more like it. But how would one disable that?”

“disable : not at all, AFAIK
work around it: clone the preset and alter THE CLONE as desired
said clone is car-bound and won’t be seen anywhere else
the preset will stay as is.”

After some more conversation we came to the conclusion that making the paint a preset using this button:
Will allow for the paint to be seen on every car that you make. When you edit this preset all the cars with this paint will be edited.
If the paint is not a preset then it will only show on that car paint menu and not anywhere else.
Here you can see this paint is a preset from the bottom right symbol.
However I still have no idea what the bottom left symbol is. If we could have some clarification on what it is that would be good. I would guess that it means to say that the paint is being used on a car, although that seems to not be the case.

Issue 11 - Fixture Thumbnails
Should be a quick fix, it looks like all the thumbnails for fixtures are way over exposed.
Like here in the wing section (doesn’t matter what section they’re all like this)

More possible Issues to come in further edits


I miss the “standart” colors like chrome, steel etc…


Vehicles exported with Build 1904111910 have plastic trim export as white.

Shown on my exported Cosmos police car.