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Building a "Better" KitCar (Supercar)


Building a “Better” Supercar

(Still using Automation on the Kee-engine)

Tom Fredricks of JET-team is nearing his 50th birthday and as such is beginning to feel the need for SPEEEED.
Then again, knowing him, speed can’t come at any price or be crazily overengineered.
What he wants is something fast, but as he is rather keen on good choices and economy, he wants it to be reliable and robust and at the same time not too expensive.
He wants to be able to throw it around a plethora of tracks, but the Green Hell is the benchmark, as it consists of both technical curvy bits and allout speed.
So the car needs both good handling and sportiness, as well as decent safety and reliability.
Prestige is not a sellingpoint, tho the car needs to look nice, and be
roadlegal (needs headlights, rearlights, doorhandles, no undercooling etc.)

The requirements for the challenge:
Trim: 2017
Engine: 2017
Engine, placement, type: Any, Needs 50+ in reliability
Fuel: Super unleaded (98 RON)
Drivetrain: Any
Economy: Cannot exceed 20.0 l/ 100km fuel consumption
Aero: One wing, two lips and undertray are allowed
Car: Avg. Reliability: 65+, Safety: 45+
Tyres: Any, Tyrewidth max: 295

You are limited to 160 engineering units (time) shared between the trim and the engine
and a budget of 210 production units shared between trim and engine.

Budget is limited to $22000 @ 0% markup.

Naming convention:
Model: BBS - Username
Trim: Manufacturer name - Car name
Engine Family: BBS - Username
Engine Trim: Engine name

NO qualitysliders !!! (except for Safety, as long as it stays above 45)


A time on Green Hell below 7:18.0 is preferred.

The car will be judged on scores, tracktime and good choices.

DEADLINE June 30th @ 12:00 GMT

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck, and happy building :slight_smile:



Looks interesting, is there a deadline?


Right… I did miss something… :frowning:


What suspension components can we use for this challenge? Also, will it ve possible to use limited production parts? And is 22k without markups really too little for what we call “supercars”?

Edit: 7:18 around the Green Hell seems too fast with the rule set as it is right now.


I agree, the rules seem a bit too restrictive for a supercar in my opinion.


Agreed. Best I could do within the limits of engineering time was 7:30 on Green Hell.


100% trying my hand at this tonight, let’s see what we can wring out of this :triumph:

EDIT: just looked at the rules. 22k does not a supercar make. If you want people to submit something that does 7:18 for 22k, you’re going to have a field of serious compromises. Especially with the zero tech slider rule. I would strongly suggest you get rid of at least the tech slider rule, there’s no reason to have that and the engineering time limit rules, especially as they’re already quite stringent.

Methinks the customer isn’t looking for a supercar, they’re just a cheapskate who will probably destroy the clutch on their new pony car trying to do a burnout :joy:


IRL cars running these speeds cost 80K+ to buy IRL, and sensibly only have a 40-50% markup, so, I propose you bump the 0% markup to 40-50k, and the max tire to 315 with +3 quality (The lap times set in your range are generally production super/hypers using DOT Race tires.

This would more closely match IRL.

Edit: Now that is to say, I have MANAGED to build an LHE Lore friendly stripped down track pack car which meets all your requirements, but this would be a track car, not something one would way to drive on the road.

I have SET the bar for the moment.

Using the Gen 7 Listie (Sports car) as a base, and striping it down for the track, and supplying it with a non road use BM-Gen 2 engine (Read 5.3L V8 SOHC-4)

I’ve inserted my lore cheet sheet that I always use to make sure I am following my own rules, just so you can see :slight_smile:


Heck, guys… here i throw you a challenge and all you do is complain :smiley:

It is possible to reach times below 7:10 with these restrictions. And i thought, by using “better” and pointing out that prestige is NOT a thing here, that you would catch on… but i digress. What i want you to do, is build is a car within restrictions, making a time round Green Hell below 7:18. With the HP-output of the engines, and the possibilities given of both aero and suspensiontuning it would classify as a Supercar, even if the cost is low, but i can change the name to KitCar if it fits the bill better. And @strop yes, i know i’m going to get a field of serious compromises, but that is what i want to see.

@abg7 you can use any suspension components, given you have the engineeringtime, production units and money for them.

I’ll post a couple of cars with times when i get home, so you know what to aim for. And these are not hours in the making, but rather 15 - 30 minute cars.

I know the restrictions are hard, but it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise.


Yeah, if you renamed the challenge with something like “stripped down track cars” instead of “super cars”, it’d make a whole lot more sense. Just as a guy who’s 50 years old is quite unlikely to be looking for a car with these specific restrictions, at least, IMHO! Maybe some broke-ass 20-something year old who’s still a total hoon who barely has half a year worth of paychecks.

The other thing other people might complain about: many of us won’t really be able to submit anything lore-friendly here (nothing from any of my stables, with the possible exception of a heavily modified Matteo Miglia, I guess…), because at least in ‘reasonable car’ terms, there’s going to be a fair bit of min-maxing going on here to make the cut.

Otherwise if it’s a numbers challenge for the sake of reaching the benchmarks better than others, I’m up for that!


Pretty much.


inb4 all entries are Straal-bodied rockets


And here i thought challenges were meant to be just what you mentioned, a numbers challenge for the sake of reaching a benchmark, and a (welcome) break from the constraints of lore. :slight_smile:

At least that’s how i see them. I field lore-friendly cars when i can, but otherwise i just try to follow and bend the rules of the challenge the best I can. I usually see them as places to test things. Sorry for the slight misunderstanding.


I feel bad that you had to apologise for that. Challenges exist on a spectrum, but there’s always an inherent tension in which people try to relate the fantasy cars we build to some interpretation of reality… unless otherwise declared. Basically we’ll do our best to suspend disbelief unless we’re explicitly told not to.

p.s. obviously still have not worked out which body is best suited for this challenge. At this rate you’ll be seeing 1200hp rockets from me :joy:

Question: Is a single seater acceptable or does he need to be able to show off to somebody?

Question 2: can we for the love of God at least be able to change the safety slider? We don’t have much room to move with a minimum safety of 45 and no sliders anywhere else, and weight matters here.


Oneseaters are OK (are there oneseater bodies… didn’t know)

And ok, it’s ok to change the qualityslider on the safety.

I’ll update the rules in the top post.


I was having a good crack at breaking the 7 minute barrier, until I remembered the 22k budget limit on top :joy:

The hardest part is that it’s really hard to know how to fix that, but the basic rule is that bigger = more material costs.

EDIT: ok I’m happy with what I got. Did I say 1200hp? How wrong could I get :wink:


The testcar i built yesterday did 7:08, so i haven’t been able to break the 7 minute barrier. And that car is on the upper edge of the budget.

It was more like 7:10 as it had a cooling bug :expressionless: , but still below budget and with basic interior and basic entertainment.


Oh boy, 300hp definitely isn’t enough.


Probably not the ideal body choice, currently around the 7:10 mark with a 3.2L V6TT.


With that body? I’m impressed.

@gridghost are cats required? What’s the max emissions allowed? When penny pinching those things can be exxy, yo.