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Building a "Better" KitCar (Supercar)


So, seeing that the forum were out for most of the day, yesterday (for me at least) i’ve decided to push the deadline til tomorrow (1st of july) @ 12 GMT

So far i’ve got one (1) contender and no Ads.


Ad is forthcoming, may be a day late, very sorry!

Also, come on people, I can’t be the only one can I? :cry:


Mmmmh I’ve time to burn so lets see if anything can be made


Is there any noise regulations?


is it too late to submit now?



@FrankNSTein no noise regulations

@koolkei i see that you’ve already submitted, but you actually have 3 more hours to go.


Hahaha I forgot that GMT isn’t observed in the UK right now, I’m an idiot, don’t mind me :sweat_smile:


Dang, just too late.


Bumpy mcbumpbump for checking what the status of this is :smiley:


I’ve gotten 3 cars, and no ads…

So, i’m waiting for the ads.


Oh fuck sorry. Can I just link you to our campaign page? Rk38 and I literally wrote the lore for an entire company and range etc. on the inspiration from this challenge.


That’s well enough :slight_smile:

And to tell you the truth, i don’t see anyone coming near the GG tuned monstrosity…


Well, that’s just the track time, of course, I sacrificed a lot to get it under 7 minutes :joy:


Well, after getting just 3 challengers, and one of them not adhering to the requirements, the challenge has become a shootout between @FrankNSteins FSR Glyde 850 R and @Strop and @Rk38 s GBF Procurro GG-Tune.

As Tom eyed the ads, he was baffled by the sheer amount of power of the GG-Tuned Procurro and also the way it was specced as it actually seemed to be pretty well thought out, no overly expensive materials and all and all a good enough package for him to try.

The FSR Glyde on the other hand, made use of titanium rods in the engine, a pretty extensive boost on the turbo (pushing the 3.3l V6 into supercar spec probably needed it) and no catalytic converter nor any mufflers promised a pretty noicy environment.

Both of the cars looked the deal, even if the designers of the Procurro had made a better job of it, and the bumblebee yellow promised a stinger :slight_smile:

Getting a trackday at the Green Hell were, how shall i put it, not easy. Forms to fill, promises to make and and paying a standing crew to be ready if something out of place should occur, but with all that out of the way…

First out i had to take the FSR, as the Green Hell needed a green car :wink: and i was intrigued and actually wanted to see how the V6 powered car would do and handle on such a craving track.

the first couple of corners were not amazing and the low end of the engine didn’t really feel supercarish, but when the boost came around, it shot away like a bullet. The handling at low speed were decent tho, and the only thing bugging me was the tendency to let the rear wander at higher speeds. It was still inside what i could manage, but still a tad offputting.
But 7:08.88 still was a really good time, altho my ears rang for sometime afterwards and i had to get my adrenaline-levels down to normal again.

The GBF Procurro GG-tune, the yellow arrow, were the next car out. And to be honest, i was a bit weary about the power of the car, as almost 1500 hp is not something easily tamed in any car. But I had to test it.

And my fear was misplaced to say the least… the Procurro, while being a lot more powerful, still handled better than the FSR, and had no tendency whatsoever at wander or wanting to kill me, and actually made me feel safer, even at higher speed. It could have to do with the boost being lower, and the car being heavier (having a 8.9 l V8). And i didn’t get deaf :slight_smile: . The laptime of 6:59.88 speaks for itself.

So in closing, both cars were awesome from an engineering perspective, and props to both of you, but the car I’m going to choose to buy is the GBF Procurro GG-Tune.

Gratz to @Strop


Well Tom, for that, you get our one SR8 “GG Tune” Competizione produced this year! Congratulations on your purchase.

We recommend not driving this trim in the wet. We also recommend investing in upgraded internals for extended longetivity. While the vehicle has been optimally tuned on common off-the-shelf parts, we especially recommend using high quality tyres for best performance.

Also you seem to be missing a number of vents that made the side scoops and the stripes.


i actually had something built for this:

but i didnt manage to beat 7 minutes with this body.


WRX meets RX-7 meets Supra meets 5L V6?

The looks are insane, that’s for sure.


I fixed this for you :slight_smile: